Thursday, January 02, 2014

The last day of 2013...

The last day of 2013 did not end well for the Goh family...

It was the day for the cremation of our beloved Ah Bo who passed away 3 days ago...

My family and I sent Ah Bo to the hospital on boxing day when she was seen to be so sick in a sudden...then I went to Singapore to attend my sister in law's wedding. I was all worried throughout the whole journey in Singapore and prayed hard that Ah Bo could recover and celebrate the coming Chinese New Year with us.

It was so unexpected...I asked Ah Bo, who was lying on the coach (who claimed that she caught a cold) on Christmas Day, do you want to join us to feast the turkey. She said no, she wasn't feeling well and asked us to go ahead in a normal tone. We seriously never thought of her getting so ill the next day.

Life is unpredictable.

As far as I could remember Ah Bo was always there since I was in Primary school after she bought a house which is within the walking distance to our house. She was always there, almost everyday doing something next door, be it cooking for Popo or helped Popo on dirty laundry after grandpa passed away. Then she would rush to take bus to Federal Hotel to work. She had always been there to take care of Popo all these years and I got to see her almost everyday. When I go next door, my first few questions always include
Where is Ah Bo??

Ah Bo is of course biased, she loves my big brother the most always buy expensive shoes, shirts, jeans for my big brother whereas she would wear 5 bucks slippers herself! She used to always delivers good food for my big brother too...haha. Popo also told me that Ah Bo is a good big sister, she sponsored some money for my youngest uncle to study overseas, gave money to my uncle to spend those days.

Ah Bo & Paris' selfie. Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

I remember those days when I was a kid, Ah Bo was actually hot tempered. She would scold Popo, quarreled with all her sisters-in-law, although she still helped a lot in the family and never asked for any returns!! Haha... Then during one recent conversation when I questioned Ah Bo for her past behavior of fighting with others, she told me those days she was not mature

Another selfie of Ah Bo & Paris. Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

Perhaps it were those hard times she had been facing in the Tan family that made her stronger, that taught her important lessons in life. In the recent years after I have started working in the society and got married and delivered Paris, I realize Ah Bo is indeed a very caring, understanding, reasonable person and of course as usual she loves to contribute to the family and never ask for any returns. Haha...She always gives helpful advices that prevent a lot of unnecessary arguments. She was less hot tempered and would always take a step back to avoid arguments. It was then I realize Ah Bo was mature already hahaha. Ah Bo has turned to becoming more Popo, the easy-going, kind, caring, understanding angel to me....Popo, My grandma who always advise me to remain silence and never fight back when elderly scolds even if they are being unreasonable. To me " macam ini pun boleh?" geng! lol

The homemade sticky rice dumplings by Ah Bo. Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

I also believe Ah Bo even forgave those relatives who cheated her money. I salute her for not even saying a single word on the issue. Ah Bo also never looked down on Eddie when he was a poor guy 7 years back. She is always so supportive. She would join direct selling, sponsoring a lot of money for the sake of being supportive towards relative.

After her retirement, Ah Bo always bakes cake, bread, tarts etc to the family. She will also make moon cake in mid autumn festival and make sticky rice dumplings in dragon boat festival. When she was younger if you say her bakery sucks, she would surely not happy lol... Then when she was mature, ya MATURE she accepted our comments with thanks and her skills obviously improved!! Then, Ah Bo would distribute all her baked food to her friends and family and never charge a single cents!! 

The moon cake made by Ah Bo.

I salute her generosity towards others and at the same time wondering why she is so stingy towards her own self. To my astonishment, there was a time when Ah Bo asked me to help her buy RM5k Prada in Europe just to match with her friends after she saw me wearing Prada. I knew Ah Bo could totally afford Prada like lots of Prada but the thing was Ah Bo was totally not a Prada person and I advised Ah Bo not to buy and she listened to me. Lol.

I am happy when I buy a Longchamp bag for Ah Bo which makes her day. I think the reason of Ah Bo being happy was not because it was a Longchamp but because of me, her niece buying her a not-so-cheap bag.

Ah Bo & her Longchamp bag...Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

I remember Ah Bo made some food for my guests in the buffet dinner before my wedding day and she never charged a single cents from me! She too made spaghetti for Paris' full moon party and also never asked anything in return. I think I learn the power of giving from Ah Bo. I thank god for always remembering to ask Ah Bo to join me for yummy dinner, including the one in Noble Banquet, the one in the Han Room, Michaelangelo, the one in Sushi Zanmai where Ah Bo kept on snapping pictures of the sushi which surprised me!! Haha...How I wish Ah Bo could also join me for Christmas Turkey...

At Ah Bo's funeral my big brother was one of the saddest person. I hope my brother would become a even better, stronger person after the lost of Ah Bo as there will be no one as protective as Ah Bo will side him. I hope Popo will overcome the lost of Ah Bo soonest possible as she is the one who spend most time with Ah Bo at home!

I hope Ah Bo is happy in the heaven. I hope she is glad that she has 11 nephews and nieces that miss her dearly. I hope Ah Bo was happy spending time with Paris, the grandniece almost once every week...I wish Ah Bo could rest in peace and enjoy herself in another world. Ah Bo, you will always live in our heart forever. We love you!! Popo loves you, and all your younger brothers love you and all your sisters-in-law love you forever!! Paris loves you...I will definitely tell Paris when she gets older that she used to love playing with Bo Po when she is a baby.

The last pic Paris took together with Ah Bo on 14/12/13.

Do take care Ah Bo!! You will always stay in our hearts forever!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Married Life...My Married Life

Disclaimer: please stop reading if it offends u some ways...

Look at the title!! and I'm married!! Initial stage, super not used to it because when I come home, dinner is not on table! so sad!! When I reach home, I'm most of the time alone (it used to be so crowded in my mum's place with my popo staying next door and my aunt comes to my popo's house everyday, food is definately not an issue!!) Plus, hubby is not always by my side :( that's reality!!! We need to work for money OMG

Before marriage, I always travel!! I L-O-V-E travel overseas!! At least 3 times a year? It was fantastic!!

But now how?? Everything has changed!! :(

okay...enough negative thinkings!! Actually I am super lucky already I know lol...compared to tons of newly wedded + new mummys...(I need to release stress :P Allow me to express my feelings hahaha)

First of all, I have a super big place which most of the people our age cannot afford and I can decorate those places the way I want!! You know my way my choice my hubby wouldn't disturb my decision :D Plus I got a domestic helper, I don't need to do any housework god bless me and my house is super clean all the time :P of course I must thank my hubby la without him I wouldn't have such a nice house, my choice, my dream house at this moment. Just like that nodding my head!! I remember that it's a WOW. It was like those days when I hubby brought me to Las Vegas, watched David Copperfield it's like WOW. I never expected it to happen. Well I guess you feel better when you least expect it.

Secondly, my baby Paris is a sibeh cute, beautiful girl girl I love her so so much!!!

Maybe she is not as cute as I thought she is, but still I super sayang her!! On top of that, my mother-in-law takes care of her in the weekdays, so I'm basically free to do whatever things I like!! And my mother-in-law loves her so so much also!! I feel grateful and relief :P

I'm a big fan of Mothercare!! Paris is wearing sleepsuit from Mothercare :D Look at her in the pic, she is so adorable!!

And then I have a poodle after I moved in the new house, it was actually a gift I bought for Eddie...but the thing is my COCO sticks to me 100% of the times because I sayang her lol for some reasons my Coco is with my mum in Cheras so I miss her dearly when she is not here!!! She is a real 'follow tail dog' (please translate to cantonese) so how can you not miss her (chuckles)!!

Coco is super smart. She can differentiate qualities and obviously she likes the best!!

And also I must thank my hubby for his encourangement I finally hired a staff who can help me on my work!! God bless my business is going smooth and I hope for the better and I must do better!! For the benefits of everyone.

Allow me I drive a continental car :P thanks to my hubby (with the stress at work, do allow me to say sthg that makes me happy) haha

This is my dear dear!! in our recent trip to Krabi, having dinner in our favourite Aning Restaurant, Ao nang!! Drooling!! The food is good and price is reasonable and that makes the place FANTASTIC!!!

After all, my married life is not that bad huh?? Except I will still want to go Santorini, NYC apart from hoping both of our business goes up!! UP and UP!! Huat ar lol but then again with baby and stuff, we must be responsible, we need to save money for our child's education...So yes I'm adapting to changes and I wish my baby grows healthily and I wish I can make my parents happier and my hubby lives happily with me!! I wish my popo good health all the time and I wish all my family lives happily...oops suddenly emo paiseh!!

Me, camwhoring (at the reception area of Areetara Hotel, Ao Nang) because I realise I don't have much photos of myself :P Not that young anymore perhaps :P

Anyway this is a transition period I'm adapting to it!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy Year 2012

It's a busy year. It is not as relax as year 2009 where all I cared about was just traveling and relaxing.

It's not like 2010 where all I cared about was to pass my CLP which I did succeeded after the third attempt.

It's not like 2011 where all I cared about was to learn as much as possible during my chambering in a law firm and yet not forgeting traveling overseas.

In year 2012, so far till many things had happened, some planned and some was not.

First of all, I joined a firm as a partner! A very challenging endeavour to me!!

And then, I got married and moved in to my husband's parents' house temporary because I have not received the vacant possession of my new house yet. Our wedding was not as perfect as I wanted it to be because of time constraint...though I was still very happy on that day itself and cried a lot after that as I could not see my parents and brothers and grandmother everyday haha. And then of course I got used to it :D

And then did a lot of research on home decorations/ renovations because I'm moving into my very own house for the very first time!! OMG am super excited!!! Also went to some exhibition to get some ideas with my hubby and become my own interior designer of the house! Until now, still trying hard to believe that my hubby and I actually bought a house for our own stay...
and of cos for the baby!! Exactly like the stories in Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic & baby'!!! Unbelievable!! Maybe I should name my daughter Minnie (not the Minnie Mouse lol) instead of Paris Chong!! (*laughs*) I have yet to buy all the equipments for my baby girl!! So nervous!! My confinement research has yet to be done too...have not bought the confinement wear-at-home cotton shoes yet and totally no idea at all where to get them!! Will definately go to the 4th Maternity and Children Expo in this month end!!
Adorable baby girl sleeping image to soothe my eyes...

Hubby bought some clothing all the way from Prague to little Paris!! So lovely!!!

Our six anniversary!! The simplest and most ordinary one for our special occasion!! Guess we were too exhausted already, both mentally and physically! And we are hiring a philippino maid!! for the first time!! Pray hard it is a good one!!
Well that's all for now...the next post?? our honeymoon photos perhaps and I want to bring little Paris along!!! (*grins*)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Birthday 2012

Time flies...late 20s already.

 Not much celebrations this year... plus Eddie was not around ...but luckily, thanks for my colleagues for buying this pretty chocolate cake!! nice to look at :D It is my firm culture!

At night went to Souled Out with my girl friends...

Caroline darling bought me this super nice Durian Cake!! from CK Recipe!! Taste fantastic!! So sweet of her!! :D You can contact the owner at 012-3029803!! custom-made lol

Picture of myself with the beautiful pink roses from hubby. Could only look at the beautiful roses without Eddie by my side on my birthday :(

second of the nice ones la...

Beautiful roses and the photo from Souled Out, Hartamas!

two weeks later only received my 'real' present from my hubby!! The Ipad 2...Initially I felt nothing...serious! Cos I said I want a treadmill...considering I put on so much weight lately!!! But then after playing with it for 2 weeks...I'm finally in love with my Ipad...watched 5 movies from it already!PPS I mean... haha Tower Heist, Jack and Jill, One Day, Changeling and The Family Man!! Love it so so much!! lol

Anyway gotta stop...Bye!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pure Bad Luck in the Beginning of Year 2012

so my tyre punctured!! But luckily I had some super kind policeman to help me out!! God blessed!! haha

but bad things didn't stop from there...2 days later I met a car accident, I banged the car in front of me! Paid summons, sent car to repair and I was still in trauma in the whole morning till afternoon...
And later after I sort of recovered, I discovered my bags in my car were stolen, my 3 red dresses (I wore for my friend's fetching the bride session and the banquet) were stolen!!! It was like the end of the day...I was super upset. Tyre punctured, car was knocked...I could still be fine until my beautiful dresses were stolen, I was not okay anymore!! OMG

My Forever 21 silky flora dress was gone...

My Dorothy Perkin satin halter neck knee-length dress were gone too...and the girl (furthest right) standing next to me, the dress she was wearing was gone too...sob sob :( on top of that my make up pouch with my brand new gemstone blusher was gone!! My couch sunglasses were stolen also, and lingerie....I cried like nobody's business!!

Then bad things didn't stop from there...I went home to wash my clothes just to calm myself and tumble dried my white dress next to a wet pink scarf. The next day I realised my white dress was stained in pink. OMG....I was so so upset...

Like this....for the whole weekends.....Luckily my hubby bought a new top and some lingerie to cheer me up!! haha

Anyway, please please Chinese New Year is coming!!! I want LuCK, LUck and more lUcK!!! Pray for me!!

Happy CNY everyone!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! (cos CNY is around the corner!!!)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Hey Hey just drop by to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! May everyone be blessed with happiness, good health, wealth and a BETTER future!! *whistle* :D

Check out some recent pictures!

Me and the tiny lil' Christmas tree!!

Some of my gifts in the gift exchange and hubby's gift - a beautiful notebook was also given to me because it was too girly for him to use lol!!

Thank you hubby for the Garmin GPS Navigator also!! Let's pray I won't lose my way anymore!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shopping at Coach in US

Hi Hi So I'm back from the States!! The trip was fantastic except one hubby's foot was injured terribly he could barely walk...sob sob...

Never mind....back to the trip!

Cute cute hubby in front of Fashion Outlets!

We went to Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, and visited the most important shop!! COACH!!

Check out some pictures here...

This is crazy!!

Like Pasar Malam or happy hour at Jusco Members' Day!!


And of course I joined the crowd too haha...but I only bought a few...checked out the auntie besides god! Wasn't she holding about 10 big bags already...what was she still looking at??...haha

ok...gonna stop here, flying again to Phuket tomorrow!! I have catched  up a lot of overseas trip this compensate my sacrifice last year in 2010! Work study work study! Thank god I passed my CLP! hahaha