Sunday, November 18, 2007

Being the way U R now, Got U where U R today!

I'm not a book person, I don't like to read, be it novel or short story. When I was a student in high school or in Uni, I read only text books, in order to pass my exams. I don't read newspaper as well, which makes me such a ignorant in life.

Nov 2007 FEMALE.

The only thing that I love to read is fashion magazines and/or entertainment news. Believe it or not, I can read a new fashion magazine up to 7 hours when I first get the magazine, and when I read it again the second time, it will still take me about 4 hours time. Of course thereafter I still read it again, on and off when I'm free. I simply won't get bored flipping through the magazine over and over again, seeing the same glamourous ladies in sexy dresses for several times.

However, ever since I started working, I realise that I must change in order to improve my life.

As such, I decided to read online newspaper everyday, not only focus on the entertainment part, but also the frontpage and some headlines, to gain greater knowledge and to put myself in a better position in life.

Read newspaper online! So convenient!

Plus, I've decide to make it as a habit...hehe...some adjustment of my life.

What's more? I visited MPH recently and I bought a book , a B-O-O-K and decided to read it so as to enhance my personal development plan!

~BRAVO~ Me, being a non-book person spent RM 59.80 for the guide to business success which is called "What self-made Millionaires really think, know and do" by Richard Dobbins & Barrie O.Pettman! Interesting!

This is the book.

At first, I thought I was entitled to 25% discount being a MPH card holder (Nope, it didn't belong to me, I borrowed it from a stranger in the bookstore! :P), but when I was about to pay, the lady said the sales period was the end, I paid for the regular price, which was RM 59.80, but not roughly RM 45 which I thought it would be in the first place! ~heartache~

Look at the bright side, since I paid RM 15 extra, I must finish it no matter what happens, even if it is the arrival of World War III!

Illustration of the World War III.

Quote from the book:"Being the way that you are now, got you where you are today." I found that this is so true! Wherever we are in life in the present time is where we deserve to be.

I remember when I was in high school, I always hope that I can study overseas for my degree. I did it. I wish to buy a car when I start working. I bought a Toyota Vois 1.5G in red when I had my first proper job. It followed by my winning in MMU.

"Being the way that you are now, got you where you are today" is a bona fide undeniable fact to me! That also explains why till now, I haven't passed my CLP because this is never a goal in my life and I never thought of becoming a lawyer.

Lawyer like Ally McBeal.

~Phew~And now, I must work harder in order to get into the position I want to be in before I reach the age of 30. Not forgetting, being SEXY and FABULOUS along the way! :-)

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Anonymous said... now you already finished reading the book called "What self-made Millionaires really think, know and do"?I would like to know about the secrets of becoming a millionaire.Tell me about it hehe..

jia yong here.