Monday, November 12, 2007

Dedication to my beloved hubby, wishing you a very Happy 23rd Birthday!

I can still remember the first time when you hold my hands telling me that once you've decided to hold my hands, you'll never let them go. It still remains clear in my memory now after 14 months together (perhaps it's because you do remind me once in a while...:P).

First pic taken together with my hubby.

I just want to let you know that you treat me like a princess all this while! Putting me in your top priority and making me part of your life.

I can never forget those days where you came to save me for so many times when I lost my way in the highways and cried like a baby. You 'save' me without any scolding or complaining about how careless I am.

Love this picture! Taken outside Sunway Resort Hotel.

The list will never come to an end about how many things you have done for me in this short period of time. You peel crabs, shrimps for me to eat, and sometimes even in front of so many people. I'm touched. Guys normally won't do that as they are egoistic.

You listen to me when my emotions breakdown and you never fight back when you are being scolded by me for nothing. You give me 100% tolerance!

You bring me out for good food even when you are so broke and you buy me expensive flowers just to make me happy.

I just feel so comfortable when I'm with you and I'm glad that I've never shed any tears for you! Maybe it's because you follow my way of doing things all the times.

Our First Anniversary in Victoria Station, Subang.

My beloved lau gong, I just wanna say that you are the one. I sincerely hope that your love towards me will last eternally and in the meantime I'll improve myself to keep you by my side forever. and to keep you away from thinking that you are my 'teddy bear'. (hahaha...but I do LOVE teddy bear a LOT, you know! Buy me 'forever friends'! My all time fav! lol)

Studio Picture taken in ... (Upset about the results though, sigh! Money wasted...haha...I'll go France Taipei next time for my wedding pictures)

I hope that we can work hand-in-hand for our future and build a home of our own. (*wink* so that I can decorate my own house...hooray)

Thanks hubby for everything. Thanks for your support all the time. Thanks for taking good care of me and most importantly, thanks for bringing the smile back to me again and fulfill the need of LOVE in my life.

Happy 23rd Birthday. Green tea cake from La Boheme, Jusco, Hmmm...There is ROOM for improvement leh!

Till then, Happy Birthday! I LovE you! May all your wishes come true.

My decoration so ugly...I better buy wrapper next time...haha

P/S: Hope you like the pressie and the cake. Add the pressie in your collection! hehe...btw, I guess this post will be the 3rd gift! Must be HappY o!


Anonymous said... dear, after reading it, i felt so both are so nice to each other..i hope your love for him and his love for you will never die...good luck for everything.

p/s: miss you as well..

caroline fong.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you finally found someone who love you so much and he being so supportive to you all the time.And you love him as well and put a lot of efforts as you told me.Like your saying goes,i wish that your love towards him and his love towards you will last eternally.Cherish.All the best.

jia yong.

May yee said...

so sweet leh..really sweet sweet couple...wish u 2...sweet 4ever.kaka

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Thanks Caroline, Jia Yong and May Yee! Thanks for the wishes!