Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friendster Cafe @ Damansara Perdana

It's Friday Night, my hubby decided to take me out for a supper, not dinner, to spice up our paktology (dating). At first, we wanted to go Hartamas but we couldn't find a parking space. Thus, we ended up in 'Friendster Cafe' located at Damansara Perdana for our supper.

The sign of Friendster Cafe is eye-catching.

I know I'm sort of outdated but this is my first time here. Hehe, anyway, when I first saw the sign of the 'Friendster Cafe', my mind was wandering about opening a 'Facebook Cafe' of my own (in my dreams). Lol.

The interior design of the Cafe is overall trendy and spacious. You definately get to enjoy the quiet atmosphere at 'Friendster Cafe'. Well, I couldn't remember of listening to any relaxing, soothing jazz at there but the words Friendster Cafe, Friendster Cafe keep on popping up in my mind as the radio was announcing them repeatedly. Luckily it didn't affect my quiet enjoyment of the food.

Part of the indoor dining area,

There is a bar dispenser, wide range of magazine selection displayed on the rack as decoration. The area I like the most is the hard board where they placed lots of photos for customers to take a glance of their photo collection including among others, their events, their customers and their food.


Ok, let's check out their food now. We ordered a dish of fish and chips RM 16.90, a boxing chicken with dipping RM 11.80, a glass of mocha ice-blended RM 13 and a glass of friendstercino signature with mango flavour RM 12. All the prices above are not inclusive of service charge and tax.

Traditional dish of Fish 'N' Chips.

The fish is hard. I'll rate it at 3/10 and for the chips, it'll be 7/10. McD's french fries is still the BEST.

Boxing Chicken with dipping.

As for the boxing chicken with dipping, I'll rate it at 7/10 mainly for their creativity as the taste is just normal.

Friendstercino Signature on the left, Mocha Ice-blended on the right.

Friendstercino Signature is like tasteless for me, but the Mocha Ice-blended is normal. I'll rate them at 3/10 and 7/10 respectively.

After that, my hubby ordered a blueberry cheese cake as dessert and it's yummy especially the blueberry. Too bad I'm not a big fan of blueberry cake. As for the cheese of the cake, I prefer those in Secret Recipe to Friendster Cafe. The selling price of the blueberry cheese cake is RM 8.90 exclusive of service charge and government tax.

The blueberry cheese cake.

All in all, I like the environment. Besides, it is neither too cold or too hot for me. I'm bloody afraid of coldness. I prefer high temperature but not to the degree of summer in Venice.

Nevertherless, personally, I think the drink and food at Friendster Cafe are over-priced. I guess people come to Friendster Cafe for their internet services as there is no Starbucks nearby and for the football as there is a big screen at their outdoor dining area. I must say that the waitors and waitresses are properly trained as well because they are quite polite. Further, cleanliness of the Cafe is 5-star. These are the reasons that I see that capture the crowd of the Cafe.

For people who have not been there, you can check out their official website at for more information.

P/S: Special thanks goes to my hubby for bringing me to 'Friendster Cafe'.


May yee said...

very nice the food..kakaka...and not very expensive...and so romance the place..

Anonymous said...

Those food did not look very appealing to me at all, mainly the decorations and they looked empty to serve in oversize plates, and as well pricey (you were right). I can do a better job than that. U Anyway, it may be a cosy environment for dating and meeting. =P