Sunday, November 04, 2007

(Miss) Malaysia Beauty Pageant

I personally think that...

There are tons of beauty pageants in Malaysia, ranging from the Miss Malaysia World and Miss Malaysia Universe with the longest history of which their winners of the year will be representing Malaysia to compete in the 2 major international pageant contests, Miss Astro with the best publicity and is the most well known and prestigious pageant amongst Chinese, to some other pageants of which publicity is circulated among others, between models and students, such as Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Malaysia Region Contest, Miss Malaysia Model of the World and Miss Malaysia Tourism.

Unforgettable moment...

But why do girls interested in joining Beauty Pageant?

1) Could it be their childhood dreams?

2) or for Experience wise? Undeniable, you can expose yourself more to the real world (or city? perhaps) by attending functions, learning new stuffs like catwalking or visiting old folks home (It's not like you can't visit home for unfortunate people if you didn't join Pageant, but come on, ask yourself, have you ever visited home for those unfortunate? I'll bet 70% would say no).

3) It could be the key to success? or if it's not, it could open up new opportunities for young ladies. Frankly speaking, Pageant is somehow related to modelling and entertainment industries. Good Examples are like Rachel Tan and Vivienne Yeo.

4) or they do it for the Prizes?? The winner for Miss Astro 2007, Joanne got the chance to go HK, RM 30,000 and a Nissan Lation 1.8L and other fabulous prizes! Gosh, she is RICH for a young girl at her age!

Nissan Latio 1.8L

5) for FaME? If you win, well, you have made a name for yourself which is going to be remembered immortality (If it's not at least long in the future?)?

Perhaps, like Julia Roberts

6) Your Price increases! because you'll receive more money in future assignments as compared to a ordinary model.

And of course some ladies join because of encouragement by their family and friends, or some of them are just too free, and so they go for it. I do believe that there is at least a little will inside them that cause them to join the beauty pageant.

Cool, so much benefits leh...

and after the Contest,

you will realise how small you are and how big the world is

Ripley's Believe it or Not! in Genting

and the results is you will have more demands, maybe you'll be more materialistic? or I could say is being realistic? Anyway the thing is you are not easily contented. Heh, not a bad thing though, it motivates you to work hard?

Not to mention, your confidence will be boosted.

winners of Miss Astro 2007

However, some people may think pageant as a sex object and it's a tool to demean women! But hey people, most of the girls are Uni graduates...and pageant nowadays carry the title "Beauty with Brains" ok?

and so they have brains, they have options.

Another myth lying underneath is that those girls who won the Pageant would normally break up with their boyfriends after the winning.

Hubby, was I mean to you? Sorry anyway!

How true is that? is for you to leave a comment! Thanks folks...

As a reward, I now present to you...

Aeon-Miss Disney Princess Malaysia that parents of the beautiful girls aged between 6 to 11 can shower their children with love without spending a cent and yet stand a chance to win 3 days 2 nights trip to Hong Kong and the HK Disneyland. Check it out at any of the Jusco (Aeon) Shopping Malls to ask for more info! Hurry up, closing date for submission is on the 12 November 2007.


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intresting, yet still big room for improvement. keep it up

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Thanks anonymous I'm so happy to hear from you! haha

Lissy said...

I like this blog entry of yours.Very true.Usually after the breakup moment, one has the motivation to work for her goals-to be precise, to prove herself that Hey, I am whole load better now! :) And to regain back her confidence, joining this pageant is a great motivation for her! :D

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I always motivated by you, your views and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Norman