Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Malaysia Fashion Designers

Who is the most famous fashion designer in Malaysia?

Anyone in your mind?

Melinda Looi? who claimed herself to be an artist rather than a fashion designer?! To her, she creates art pieces instead of fashion clothing. But to me, her art pieces are simply too artistic. You can easily put on her clothes to catch attention. Great news for attention seeker!

I DO love her web pages, simple and nice, love those cartooon characters...

Jonathan Cheng? am not quite sure about his clothing line, check out his website yourself! Nonetheless, there is ONE thing that I'm sure.
He is indeed a leng chai!

Oouuhh, so handsome! Taken in

Carven Ong? I LOVE his wedding couture...simply gorgeous! The material of the gowns is in fine quality too. Thumbs up, fantastic! But, both the wedding and evening gowns are expensive, about RM 7000?? I can't afford though.

Carven Ong has his own academy as well, which was called under his name, Carven Academy of Fashion. What a talented successful man!
He gives lectures in his Academy!

Can you spot his masterpiece? Yes, the one in BLUE, Shiny Blue, satin, I guess, wore by Michelle in MMU 2007 cocktail dinner after the final.

and he sponsors evening dresses for Miss Astro.

Sue Ann in the final of Miss Astro 2006. Photo Courtesy of Sue Ann.

The matching of colours is just right.

This is so cool, so irresistable!

Jimmy Choo who is best known for his handmade, exquisite luxury women's shoes? Apparently, this Penang-born designer was already bestowed the title of Dato' for his achievements and fame, NOT his fortune.

As he had sold his 50% shares in Jimmy Choo Ltd for RM 70 million in Year 2001. Not a bright choice, because it was reported that with new stores opening around the world, it was estimated that the turnover could be around RM 350 million end of this year.

Berlin by Jimmy Choo, at the price of Euro 475, approximately RM 2200!

so He's a shoe designer NOT a businessman.

However, Dato' Jimmy Choo is still designing shoes under Jimmy Choo Couture line licensed under Jimmy Choo Ltd. This is available by appointment in London only whereas Jimmy Choo London line, aka the Jimmy Choo ready-to-wear or just 'Jimmy Choo' is available in Jimmy Choo boutique and soon in Kuala Lumpur!

I wonder if I had the chance to wear Jimmy Choo in my whole life.

Oh, my dear Carrie is wearing Bias in black by Jimmy Choo

Enough said about Dato' Jimmy. Let's talk about Zang Toi, a new york based Malaysian fashion designer! With his signature devious smile, I'll bet American will love him more than I do.

Malaysia-born top model, Ling is wearing his dress as shown below.

Ling and Zang Toi in the middle.

What about Khoon Hooi? Check his design below

Simple and Elegant. Well I guess similar dresses can be found in Sungei Wang at a bargain price. Needless to mention, the quality must be different from Khoon Hooi.

I have got a couple T-shirts designed by Khoon Hooi too!

1 out of the total 4 sketches, designed by 4 different local fashion designers in Levi's 2007 Valentine's Day Collections.

I like Khoon Hooi's simplicity.

but I love Key Ng. Apart from the affordable price (could be because it's 100% manufactured locally), I love his designs with pleats. Love his designs for the ladies in office.

The other day when I drove along Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, Cheras and I saw a familiar dark blue building, Yes! you're right, it's Key Ng! I was curious why Key Ng boutique was opened there?

My latest collection of Key Ng. Classy! Besides, can you see the FOC leather name card holder?

Out of curiousity, I went to that building to check it out then only I realised that it was the HQ of Key Ng, not the boutique. But hey people, I'm not that crazy about Key Ng, ok! My office is very near to the headquarter of Key Ng.

Nonetheless, there is a thing about Key Ng that I'm upset about...

Key Ng with specs.

He is not as leng chai as I expected him to be! Sob sob...not comparable with Jonathan Cheng!! Perfection is impossible!

Nvm, I will still support you! Gambate o! Key Ng!

so People, Support Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!

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