Sunday, November 11, 2007

University of Sheffield Gathering @ Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid

Time flies, it's been 2 years after our graduation in Sheffield, UK. Things change and seperation comes between all of us.

Good thing is we still spare some times out of our busy schedules and gather together to catch up with each other. Of course, *cough* we do always bring our 'spouses' along.

11 of us.

For those who were not invited, so sorry, because this was a last minute call-up gathering. Sorry, mates!

Another group picture.

I'm glad that everyone had fun that day.

Ling Chong posing, Cherrian smiling joyfully and Sue Li hiding her face as usual. haha...

There was no boosting session, telling people how great they are, and how many things they know. No offensive teasing also.

There were only laughters. Real ones.

Zheng Jie, the 'He-Man'?

All my ex-housemates came too except Fiona who is now in Singapore. Perhaps we should all go Singapore to look for Fiona and take a picture of 6 of us.

But, Cherrian from Sabah came and Wai Foong, Ling Chong and Ian, our seniors were there too.

The girls.

Well, it's always great to gather with your old friends you used to hang out with in the past again.

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