Friday, December 14, 2007

Phnom Penh - Part 2

Take a closer look of the fried insects.

The Spider!

The cockroach.

The grasshopper.

~Ewww~ disgusting! Do you dare to stuff that into your mouth??! OMG! Couldn't believe it! Alright, maybe when you are so poor and you don't have anything better to eat, that could be an option.

Apparently, I did not try it but I'm now wondering how do those bugs taste like? They looked crunchy to me! not sure whether they are tasty or not! :P

Local delights.

Neither did I try the local food in Cambodia as my travel mates were too afraid of getting a diarrhoea after eating those streetside food. Well, perhaps when I travel again in Cambodia, I might try it, and hopefully I won't be influenced by their comments, lol.

Streetside stalls. There's a half-naked baby!

People say when you are in a foreign country, you should try their local culinary delights. Unfortunately, we didn't. We took our familiar chinese food instead.

Our dinner.

and French cuisine. :(

The French & Italian breakfast.

The second thing that amused me in Phnom Penh is the traffic. Those drivers are wilder than malaysian drivers! They use horns all the time.

Sorry, this is the only video I have but I can guarantee you that there are worse traffic in Phnom Penh than the one in the video.

There are tuk-tuks in Cambodia too, but I think tuk-tuks in Thailand look nicer than those in Cambodia. Possibly they are originally from Thailand??!

The tuk-tuk in Cambodia. Beware of the scam tuk-tuk driver!

Ok, that's all for Phnom Penh so far! Catch up more in future post as I will post some performances by the transexuals I watched in Phnom Penh! *giggle*

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back here again! for the food and for the shot glass to add it to my various countries shot glass collection!! *wink wink* see you! Enjoy your weekends ahead!

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oh my God, im shock with the cockroach!!
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