Saturday, December 08, 2007

S.H.E's Perfect 3 World Tour

Taiwanese Girls' Group S.H.E's concert was held at Stadium Merdeka, KL at 8pm on the December 1, 2007 (Saturday).

This one! except that it's in KL instead of HK. haha

It was organised by CMG Absolute & presented by LG Mobile!

So glamourous!

LG Mobile!!! Is that the brand of the burning mobile that was suspected to be the cause of the death of a Korean guy??

The burning mobile!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get a FOC ticket from a friend at 7pm on the same date! After an hour of preperation, I reached the destination at 8.30pm.

Apparently I was late and did not get to see the opening of the concert where 3 of the girls was suspended in the air and glided to the stage.

The event and the hand that spoilt my picture!

It was reported that there were about 18000 audience attended the concert and I'm 0.00555% of the audience. Haaha...

There were 2 special guests for the night too. The first was taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit that consists of Wu Chun. Don't ask me about the rest of the members as they are not leng chai enough or famous enough for me to take notice of them. ~Lol~ Kidding. In fact, nowadays I'm too busy with my work and I don't have time to follow the mandapop or cantopop artistes. They are still great!

A gang of handsome baby face guys.

Their second guest artiste was Anthony Chang, winner of the Astro Talent Quest 2006. ~Ahem~ this one I know, as he is too ordinary that I do take notice of him. ~giggle~

Anthony Chang.

All the best Anthony! Malaysian Go! Go! Go!

The lavatories but they mixed up the Gents and the Ladies!

The concert ended about 10 to eleven.

Me, after the event.

The four of us.

A picture of sweet remembrance.

I only reached home at 2am in the morning after being stuck in the traffic for an hour and followed by a yumcha cum supper session with Duck, Sunnie and my hubby.

What a lively day. Yeah ~ Victory ~

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Ray said...

After 8 years in 2015, there is no more Fahrenheit, but some of them are becoming even more famous, some of them are retired.

SHE Selina and Ella are married. Hebe is still single and pretty

Anthony Chang no longer exists and nobody know who da hell is he