Sunday, January 27, 2008

D' One Beauty Pro @ Desa Sri Hartamas

I appeared as one of the special guests for D' One Beauty Pro (Beauty Salon) on the January 19, 2008. It was fun.

I was given a rose to hang on my dress.

All the invited special guests and the owners of the beauty salon.

Flowers everywhere!

The sunflowers, mixed roses, lilies and etc.

Official Press Launching was done by Yang Bahagia Dato' Mohd. Fauzi Haji Sa'ari.

Big signature.

Check out the nice interior design!

Bed is a must for a beauty salon.

Shared room for customers who want to enjoy treatment while chit-chating.

The front entrance.

Everyone is so busy.

At the waiting area, you can even see a comfortable red fashion sofa. I love the sofa! Anyone wanna buy for me??! (*wink wink*) I'll give you a peck on hand in return! :P

Striking red sofa.

During the official opening of the beauty salon, one of the beauty consultants has done a 'Monkey God's 72 art of transformations'.

'Sun WuKong' aka Monkey God from Journey to the West.

Before the makeover.

Without make-up.

After the makeover.

Looking chic 30 minutes later.

See the difference? Lesson of the day: There is no ugly woman, there is only lazy woman. So, ladies who are lack of confidence, visit D' One Beauty Pro!! You'll definately come out looking fresh and confident of yourself.

The high-end Switzerland skin care & beauty products 'Swiss Line by Dermalab' are being used in D' One Beauty Pro and the products prices are starting from RM 150 and above. No worries, they cater for middle-income community as well, you can inquire their professional beauty consultants for more information.

Anyway, if you wanna pamper yourself in some luxurious facial, body or even spa treatments at one stop, D' One Beauty Pro is definately one of the places exclusively made for you!

Branches at:
Desa Sri Hartamas
30, Jalan 24/70, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-62031278, 6012-2342131


39, Jalan Burung Tiung, Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-62744389, 6012-2342131

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chew Chew Chow ToFu (Smelly ToFu) @ OUG Pasar Malam (Night Market)

The smelly Chew Chew 'Chow ToFu', aroma across a thousand miles.

Like most people, I did not like the smelly tofu, aka the chow tofu for cantonese speakers, in my first try. After one bite, I was like :"@$&#~!!!" (Get 'em out of my way!!)

The crowd queueing up for the Chew Chew 'Chow ToFu'.

However, if you never discontinue to taste the food, you'll then find 'em heavenly tasty! and you can never resist not to buy the food in your every visit to the Overseas Union Garden night market @ Kuala Lumpur on every thursday night!


Chow tofu are made of deep fried overnight tofu (no worries, you won't get stomachache for eating them as they are deep-fried already). They are crispy and delicious! Buy at least four pieces at the affordable price of RM 0.60 each. For a lady like me, I can eat up to 10 pieces for supper. You decide how many pieces you want! :P

The sauces.

For the females who are health and body concious, chow tofu are oily, heaty and fattening. For the males, eat only lar, it's not like your partner will dump you if you're overweight PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT you are ambitious, successful and self-motivated. (*guffaw*)

The heavenly 'Chow ToFu'!!!

Before I forget, chow tofu goes really well with the chilli provided upon the purchase. The chow tofu also come with the salted vegetables, but not all people like it. Anyway, food rating for the above is a extravagant 9 out of 10! (*applause*)

Add chilli sauce to taste.

Oh gosh, I miss my chow tofu so much I wanna eat again now! Oh ya, do not leave the chow tofu in the car or the so called 'aroma' will last for at least 30 minutes before it gets away completely!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inakatei @ Cheras Leisure Mall

If you stay in Cheras, nearby Leisure Mall and you want Japanese Food but not the normal Sushi King, you'll go Inakatei.

The front entrance.

This restaurant has been there for more than 7 years, I think and there were few branches previously but now there is only one remained existing which is in Leisure Mall, the place where I used to hang out the most in my teenage life :P

It was like you ask where should I buy a dress?

My answer: "I know there is one boutique in Leisure Mall which is really good..."

or where should I eat chicken rice?

My answer: "Chicken Rice Shop in Leisure Mall?"

or where should I buy stationery?

My answer: "Popular in Leisure Mall?"

Where should I buy bed sheets?

My answer: "Hmm...Home's Harmony in Leisure Mall?"

Yeah, a bit nerdy,I admit it. Those days for me was like apart from my school, there was one Leisure Mall, which is 5 minutes walk away from my place!

OMG, out of topic! OK, I love the ambience in Inatakei, it's always quiet and relaxing, which means you can't talk loud or you appear yourself annoying!

Nice interior.

The interior design in the restaurant is fine too. You'll get the feel of dining in a japanese restaurant cause it's decorated exactly like a japanese house. Wooden floor, wooden furniture, wooden partition, and not to forget they have woven mats as well. (*grins*)

Waitresses are dressed in kimono and the place is clean! Oh ya, if you expect some hot chic waitress to serve you, my advice is 'LEAVE NOW'! The waitresses ain't hot chics but some aunties in their late 40s :)

But when it comes to food...*ahem*

Ramen in soup.

The spicy japanese ramen is normal, not too hot and the shasimi is fresh. Well, the taste is just not there! Price for the above is approximately RM 15. Food rating: a pitiful 3/10!

Seafood fried rice.

They serve seafood fried rice and spicy fried rice for vegetarian too. Frankly speaking, you can order those in any mamak stalls in KL, no big deal. Each of the dish costs about RM 10.

The spicy fried rice for vegetarians.

*wink wink* Did you recognise the plates?? They are complimentary plates from COLGATE leh!!! ~hilarious~

Promote Colgate, yeah!

If it is from COLGATE, it's fine! but it's COMPLIMENTARY! Even mamak stalls seldom use complimentary plates!

Luckily the green tea cups are not from COLGATE! I mean not complimentary cups from Colgate (*grin*)

The green tea cups are not from COLGATE.

(*laugh*) I was hungry just now when I see those food but I'm full now cause I took a break and ate fish n chips for supper! hahaha

Overall, I would recommend everyone to go Inakatei for the atmosphere, but definately not for the food :P

Lastly, again, Happy Thaipusam and enjoy your holiday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

KL New Public Holiday on Thaipusam

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has officially announced that Thaipusam shall be a public holiday in Kuala Lumpur!!! Hahaha...meaning to say that I am not required to work on tomorrow! I'm extremely happy you know!

Happy Holiday everyone! muackss!!! and a big gratitude must goes to our Indian community or else I'll be working tomorrow! haha...thank you thank you!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joke for the employed

For those who are the employees, this is the joke for all of you, hopefully it helps to brighten up your day! hahaha!

Lesson of the day: Do NOT stay in one company for too long or else you'll be transformed into a camel! and thereafter transfer to the desert!

Are you scared?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Club Elite 1st Anniversary @ Genting

Located at Genting, Club Elite celebrated his first anniversary on January 12, 2008. This was a 'by invitation only' event and those invited guests are mostly tycoon from Asia who contributed a grossly large sum of money to our late Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong or to the estate of the same...haha.

Club Elite.

Obviously most of them are the Genting Platinum Card Holders, and I believe they are not afraid of losing RM 10 million a night at Genting. So it's my honour to be in the celebration, and realise how small fry I am now :O

Photography session.

In fact, it is an eye-opener to me and now I believe that God of Gamblers actually does exist in this world :P

Stephen Chow's God of Gamblers 3.

Like most of the expensive cocktail dinners, we were served with fine wine, lavish sashimi, shark-fin soup, abolone and etc. Sorry, I did not take pictures of those food cause I didn't want to look awkward. Sigh, maybe I should do it next time:P

We had the celebration at the pool site.

The crowd are mostly people at their 40s and above.

Anyway, the model-actress Bernie Chan was the host of that night, she briefly introduced the invited guests and then it came to the opening champagne and spraying to the guests session. It followed by some performances to entertain the guests.

Sorry about the big head, I ain't a good photographer, I'll promise not to take this type of ugly picture again :(

Lovely emcee, Bernie Chan on the most right.

And then it's the social time where rich people talk about their investment, I guess or just some small talk between each other. You know, some PR work while enjoying the performances and fine dining. Basically, luxurious partying!

Sexy bunnies dancing to the joy.

and people like me sure grab the opportunity to take some pictures to get 'em posted here. (*grins*)

Check out the pictures below.

The big aquarium is what you get to see once you enter the Club Elite and there are some VIP rooms for the gamblers.

The reception in the Club Elite.

and me, myself and Nai Hsing :P yeah! world peace!


Queen of Hearts symbolises the ladies.

The ladies.

Inside the ladies, there are bathrooms as well.

See?! Okies, nothing special.

Anyway these are all the pictures I have. I'm regretful of NOT taking more pictures...arghh!!! or perhaps I wouldn't be allowed to take photographs because this is after all a casino.(*giggle*)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Michael Wong (Guang Liang) 王光良 Never Apart Live In Genting 2008

Michael Wong (Guang Liang), our Tourism Malaysia's ambassador held a solo concert in Arena of Stars @ Genting, the City of Entertainment on January 12, 2008 (Saturday) and the main sponsor was OSIM.

The concert poster.

I remember when I was 13, I used to love duo Michael and Victor a lot, took a lot of their pictures in "Meeting the fans" session in Low Yat and I remember Michael was 14 years older than me and Victor was 12 years older than me...haha...enough said.

The audience.

In fact, I was so lucky to have attended the concert, listening to this prince charming singing live in front of me.

The concert in Arena of Stars.

I was really excited as I got to take pictures of him in a de facto close distance (sitting on the 3rd row from the stage) (*applause*) withuot paying a cent! Gosh! Many thanks to all my friends who got the ticket for me! You know this was so great you could take as many pictures as you like as there was no ushers coming towards you saying 'NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED' (*lol*) :P

Singing with freedom.

Anyway, I was only in the concert during the second half, so I did not watch the special guests of the night, Maggie Chiang and Boyz Frenz singing on stage.

Cute Michael.

Everyone joined him for the song.

Continued to sing.

To be frank, I don't mind as long as I got to watch this "white horse prince" singing while playing the piano.

Guang Liang singing to his sentimental style.

The sensational hit "Tong hua" (Fairy tale) was the last song in the list before the encore. All his fans sang along with him too. It was not touching but HIGH crowd was so excited!

Playing guitar?!!

So vibrant.

Singing 'Never Apart'...incredibly touching!

Going to bow.

Leaving soon.

Buai buai.

Everyone thought it would be the end after the encore in which he sang 'Never Apart' ("bu4 hui4 fen1 li2") and especially all his band has left.

But actually no. He then turned up playing piano and singing again to the crowd, simply to fulfil the desire of the crowd. or the desire of his own?? (*smile*)

Then he turned up again unexpectedly after the encore!

Singing to his piano accompaniment.

Anyway, this down-to-earth prince charming was indead a friendly artist and that explains why he is so famous in Asia. Good Luck Michael, all the best to you!

Guang Liang playing the piano.

What's more? The greatest part of the night was the handshake between Michael and I, a photography of us and Michael saying 'Nice to meet you' while looking deep in your eyes but I guess he's a bit shy?? haha...but he is so young compared to people at his age, and not to forget he's cute and he is taller than me (*grins*).

Yeah...picture of the night! See he's taller than me even though I'm in my 3-inch heels.

In short, it was an awesome concert and a wonderful night for me! (*hooray*)