Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chew Chew Chow ToFu (Smelly ToFu) @ OUG Pasar Malam (Night Market)

The smelly Chew Chew 'Chow ToFu', aroma across a thousand miles.

Like most people, I did not like the smelly tofu, aka the chow tofu for cantonese speakers, in my first try. After one bite, I was like :"@$&#~!!!" (Get 'em out of my way!!)

The crowd queueing up for the Chew Chew 'Chow ToFu'.

However, if you never discontinue to taste the food, you'll then find 'em heavenly tasty! and you can never resist not to buy the food in your every visit to the Overseas Union Garden night market @ Kuala Lumpur on every thursday night!


Chow tofu are made of deep fried overnight tofu (no worries, you won't get stomachache for eating them as they are deep-fried already). They are crispy and delicious! Buy at least four pieces at the affordable price of RM 0.60 each. For a lady like me, I can eat up to 10 pieces for supper. You decide how many pieces you want! :P

The sauces.

For the females who are health and body concious, chow tofu are oily, heaty and fattening. For the males, eat only lar, it's not like your partner will dump you if you're overweight PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT you are ambitious, successful and self-motivated. (*guffaw*)

The heavenly 'Chow ToFu'!!!

Before I forget, chow tofu goes really well with the chilli provided upon the purchase. The chow tofu also come with the salted vegetables, but not all people like it. Anyway, food rating for the above is a extravagant 9 out of 10! (*applause*)

Add chilli sauce to taste.

Oh gosh, I miss my chow tofu so much I wanna eat again now! Oh ya, do not leave the chow tofu in the car or the so called 'aroma' will last for at least 30 minutes before it gets away completely!

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