Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Club Elite 1st Anniversary @ Genting

Located at Genting, Club Elite celebrated his first anniversary on January 12, 2008. This was a 'by invitation only' event and those invited guests are mostly tycoon from Asia who contributed a grossly large sum of money to our late Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong or to the estate of the same...haha.

Club Elite.

Obviously most of them are the Genting Platinum Card Holders, and I believe they are not afraid of losing RM 10 million a night at Genting. So it's my honour to be in the celebration, and realise how small fry I am now :O

Photography session.

In fact, it is an eye-opener to me and now I believe that God of Gamblers actually does exist in this world :P

Stephen Chow's God of Gamblers 3.

Like most of the expensive cocktail dinners, we were served with fine wine, lavish sashimi, shark-fin soup, abolone and etc. Sorry, I did not take pictures of those food cause I didn't want to look awkward. Sigh, maybe I should do it next time:P

We had the celebration at the pool site.

The crowd are mostly people at their 40s and above.

Anyway, the model-actress Bernie Chan was the host of that night, she briefly introduced the invited guests and then it came to the opening champagne and spraying to the guests session. It followed by some performances to entertain the guests.

Sorry about the big head, I ain't a good photographer, I'll promise not to take this type of ugly picture again :(

Lovely emcee, Bernie Chan on the most right.

And then it's the social time where rich people talk about their investment, I guess or just some small talk between each other. You know, some PR work while enjoying the performances and fine dining. Basically, luxurious partying!

Sexy bunnies dancing to the joy.

and people like me sure grab the opportunity to take some pictures to get 'em posted here. (*grins*)

Check out the pictures below.

The big aquarium is what you get to see once you enter the Club Elite and there are some VIP rooms for the gamblers.

The reception in the Club Elite.

and me, myself and Nai Hsing :P yeah! world peace!


Queen of Hearts symbolises the ladies.

The ladies.

Inside the ladies, there are bathrooms as well.

See?! Okies, nothing special.

Anyway these are all the pictures I have. I'm regretful of NOT taking more pictures...arghh!!! or perhaps I wouldn't be allowed to take photographs because this is after all a casino.(*giggle*)

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