Saturday, January 05, 2008

Yeen Pei's B'day Celebration @ Italianese and Apartment, the Curve with friends

All the below pictures were taken during our celebration of Yeen Pei's 23rd birthday at Italianese and thereafter at the Apartment @ the Curve on December 28, 2007.

1) At Italianese,

Yeen Pei and her birthday cake.

The birthday cake or the extra sweet birthday bread??

Yeen Pei is pretty, slim (but fatter now :P) and relatively tall compared to the Malaysian girls, and she is definately the pageant-quality girl at all times to me! Sadly, she has no intention of joining any pageant at all!

The girls, the Sheffield ex-housemates! Glad that we still keep in touch.

Yeen Pei and her bf, Zheng Jie.

More about Yeen Pei: easy-going, kind-hearted and yes she enjoys simple things in life! Too good to be true and yet it's true. People like Yeen Pei does exist!

So to Zheng Jie, take GOOD care of my dear Yeen Pei, treat her like a princess or else someone out there might grab her away from you! Beware! (*grins*)

Yeen Pei acting blur and nerdy, Tracy acting cute and me, laughing.


Wow, to Yeen Pei, do treat me a dinner on the abovementioned compliments! OK!!

This is stupid but it's cool at the same time...hahaha.

Of course la, you think Yeen Pei is an angel without flaws meh? and my advice to Yeen Pei, give more opinions of your own ok! and call me more for no reasons! ok! haha

This is the group picture! person is missing.

okok...enough, continue to enjoy the pictures!

2) At the Apartment.

Ian, Joanne's bf, the splurge professional photographer? hehe...

The leng chai and leng lui couple.

Sigh, forgot to take pictures of YP's pressie from the 3 of us! :(

Anyway, YP, hope you enjoyed yourself that day! and to the rest, must enjoy as well ok! (*lol*)

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