Monday, January 14, 2008

Michael Wong (Guang Liang) 王光良 Never Apart Live In Genting 2008

Michael Wong (Guang Liang), our Tourism Malaysia's ambassador held a solo concert in Arena of Stars @ Genting, the City of Entertainment on January 12, 2008 (Saturday) and the main sponsor was OSIM.

The concert poster.

I remember when I was 13, I used to love duo Michael and Victor a lot, took a lot of their pictures in "Meeting the fans" session in Low Yat and I remember Michael was 14 years older than me and Victor was 12 years older than me...haha...enough said.

The audience.

In fact, I was so lucky to have attended the concert, listening to this prince charming singing live in front of me.

The concert in Arena of Stars.

I was really excited as I got to take pictures of him in a de facto close distance (sitting on the 3rd row from the stage) (*applause*) withuot paying a cent! Gosh! Many thanks to all my friends who got the ticket for me! You know this was so great you could take as many pictures as you like as there was no ushers coming towards you saying 'NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED' (*lol*) :P

Singing with freedom.

Anyway, I was only in the concert during the second half, so I did not watch the special guests of the night, Maggie Chiang and Boyz Frenz singing on stage.

Cute Michael.

Everyone joined him for the song.

Continued to sing.

To be frank, I don't mind as long as I got to watch this "white horse prince" singing while playing the piano.

Guang Liang singing to his sentimental style.

The sensational hit "Tong hua" (Fairy tale) was the last song in the list before the encore. All his fans sang along with him too. It was not touching but HIGH crowd was so excited!

Playing guitar?!!

So vibrant.

Singing 'Never Apart'...incredibly touching!

Going to bow.

Leaving soon.

Buai buai.

Everyone thought it would be the end after the encore in which he sang 'Never Apart' ("bu4 hui4 fen1 li2") and especially all his band has left.

But actually no. He then turned up playing piano and singing again to the crowd, simply to fulfil the desire of the crowd. or the desire of his own?? (*smile*)

Then he turned up again unexpectedly after the encore!

Singing to his piano accompaniment.

Anyway, this down-to-earth prince charming was indead a friendly artist and that explains why he is so famous in Asia. Good Luck Michael, all the best to you!

Guang Liang playing the piano.

What's more? The greatest part of the night was the handshake between Michael and I, a photography of us and Michael saying 'Nice to meet you' while looking deep in your eyes but I guess he's a bit shy?? haha...but he is so young compared to people at his age, and not to forget he's cute and he is taller than me (*grins*).

Yeah...picture of the night! See he's taller than me even though I'm in my 3-inch heels.

In short, it was an awesome concert and a wonderful night for me! (*hooray*)

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