Thursday, January 03, 2008

Singapore Ducktours @ Suntec City

The ticket counter of the Singapore Ducktours.

It's a Boat, a Bus, a DUCK! as explained in Uniquely Singapore.

In fact, it is only a vehicle that could travel on the road and on the water. Nothing special! but at least you can tell your friends and family you have sat on a duck! ~D-U-C-K~, not on a horse or an elephant! *giggle*

The tickets for adult cost S$33 each.

I do wonder, why do they call it a DUCK?? not SWAN? as both of them can stay on land or land on water.

You know, Swan is more beautiful...

Beautiful Swan.

Nvm, DUCK is fine!

Me posing before hopping into the duck.

Anyway, the duck is not any other duck you see on the street. It's 'Darleen' duck.

The duck.

Darleen always departs outside Suntec City Mall (nearest to the City Hall MRT station compared to other MRT stations), passes by the Fountain of Wealth which brings you luck, tours around the colonial civic district and off to the water to view the Merlion Park, the Singapore Flyer, the Clifford Pier, etc.

The 165m Singapore Flyer is taller than the 135m London Eye!

Darleen going down to the water.

No worries, you won't get wet.

Darleen splashing into the water!

Darleen heading back to the land.

and back to Suntec City Mall after approximately one hour later.

OK, actually you stand a chance to win a 'Quacker' apart from the boring sightseeing.

The Quacker.

We got a total of 4 Questions during our ride.

One, how many spikes are there in the Esplanade? Actually I forgot, but it's about 7180?? Tell me the exact number if you know! Thanks! Anyway, whoever that got the nearest figure can get the Quacker!

Two, What's the name of the duck? Keep quiet if you don't know or else everyone would be laughing at you cause I've been repeating it over and over again.

The passengers.

Three, the name of the Singapore's first President. Hint: take out any S$ note, check out the right shoulder of the President, Yes! Yusof Bin Ishak! I got it correct and got a 'Quacker' for free!! haha...

Four, the name of current Singapore's president. Sellapan Ramanathan.

So, good luck people out there! haha...but I'm not sure whether they will ask exactly the same questions again or not.

Don't be upset if you don't win a Quacker, because you'll still get a DUCK mineral water. (*lol*)

The Duck mineral water.

All in all, the ducktours is good for a whole family to strengthen their family relationship while enjoy the breeze from the sea (not the sunbath, it is not topless! :P)

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