Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day 2008

For the couple, other than buying expensive gifts for each other, like watches, shirts, undergarments, a mont blanc pen for him OR fancy bags, trendy accessories, gorgeous dresses or some cutie teddy for her,

He/She could also opt to purchase some couple-T, couple-cup, couple key chain, couple pillow, couple bedroom slippers, couple towels, couple toothbrush...Did I miss out anything comes in pair and one of which is BLUE and another is RED??

(*grin*) A couple car!! (only if you can afford.)

Well, put those gifts aside, Valentine's Day would not be happier without a candle light dinner. So, treat your girl friend/wife/lifetime partner a cool dinner together.

And follow by a ballroom dancing together, if possible and send a bouquet of flowers after the dance just to melt the ladies' heart :P haha

Anyway, Me just wanna wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day :P Enjoy yourself!

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