Sunday, February 03, 2008

HK Celebrities' Sex Photos

No SEX when there is no LOVE and TRUST and No SEX when your partner is one of those maniac who has the fantasy to video cam the process!

Gillian Chung from TWINS should have learnt the lesson by now and my advice to her is SUICIDAL shall not be the last resort. As to Bobo, luckily she is not as famous as Gillian. Other than that, I heard the next coming up STAR will be Cecilia Cheung. Anyway, hopefully this dreadful news would not affect their family.

Well, now I guess all of those pretty Hong Kong A-list Celebrities would have regretted of having a relationship with the handsome asshole Edison C*** in the past. Luckily, people like me would never fall for lengchai assholes! :P God Bless Me!!

Between, those who publicise the photos shall be arrested as well and shall be imposed deterrent sentences to justify their wrong doings!! Folks, please support pretty Gillian!!!

Read more at XiaXue's Blog.

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