Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Sleep Better With Chipster to Chipster Up My Day!

It is regular to me when I am forced to wake up early in the morning for work.

Forced to wake up early for work.

It is still normal to me during working hours.

At work, bored!

Normal during lunch break.

Taking lunch as usual.

After work, normal!

Going home, a lil excited but still not feeling great.

During weekends, I go shopping but I still feel normal!

Going shopping every weekends though it fulfils my desire but still it is like a routine, nothing special.

Night time, I go to the bed and yet feeling normal.

Suffering insomnia at times due to over-stressed.

However, it is no longer an ordinary day to me every day and night again ever since I discover a major breakthrough!!


'CHIPSTER' to brighten up my daily life! and from thereon, things have changed a lot!!!

I wake up blissfully every morning as I have CHIPSTER as my breakfast!

No longer feeling reluntant to wake up early!

During work hours, CHIPSTER would be there to energise my mind and boost up my efficiency!

Yummy, eat CHIPSTER and work at the same time!

Lunch hour, I feel more excited with CHIPSTER around!

CHIPSTER is my dessert.

After work, I carry CHIPSTER to continue brighten up my day!

Going home feeling excited with CHIPSTER!!

While shopping, I do it with style and with CHIPSTER!

It's wonderful to shop with CHIPSTER!

After a busy day, I feel satisfied, sleep peacefully at night...and smile in my sleep with CHIPSTER by my side!!

Finally sleep well at night! ~Sweet dreams~

All the above shows that I sleep better with Chipster :P say 'CHIPSTER' to chipster up your day! (*hahahahaha*) So Do ya lack of something in life??

Perhaps you are lacking of CHIPSTER?!?


P E P P Y said...

Haha, quite funny. i love Chipster too.

非舞者 said...

Me too, me too, I love Chipster too! You fancy a date? I'll bring Chipster ;)

CEO said...

Chipster is nice...I love it..Yum yum