Saturday, February 23, 2008

Malaysia Daintihill @ Pavilion

Let's continue to talk about food now...our daily necessity to stay alive that one can't be forgotten (*guffaw*)

I will now take you to the female fashion restaurant at Daintihill, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

'Ta-da' this is the restaurant sign of Daintihill in Chinese.

'Dai Guan Shan' in Mandarin.

The restaurant itself is originally from Taiwan. However, the concept of the restaurant and the food served are actually the combination of both the Japanese style food and trendy fashion restaurants design.

Interior design.

Let's start the food tour now!

fruit salad.

The apple, dragon fruit and melon topped with orange flavour sauce is a special creation you seldom see elsewhere.

Ceasar Salad.

This is the best ceasar salad I have ever tried! To be frank, I hate salad. But this one, I ought to give thumbs up! It tastes great man!! Rating: 8.5/10.

Tuna Salad.

This tuna salad tastes normal and comes in very small portion. I guess I can finish it at 4 tablespoons. (*lol*) but of course you don't dine in that way in an elegant lady restaurant!

Apple, orange, grape and etc tea.

Mixed fresh fruits tea at the price of RM 16.

The sushi-like baked rice roll topped with cheese sauce and fish egg is sweet. The rice roll doesn't taste like sushi and you can't eat it with wasabi. However, part of the rice roll is still made of seaweed too! Perhaps you can call 'em the chinese sushi?! (*grins*) Anyway, I still prefer the traditional sushi although these creative ones do look fantastic!

The pretty Ice-blended Rashberry.

This mango Ice-blended comes together with mango cube.

The low fat cold prawn, strawberry, melon salad is best for the ladies in diet.

This hot beef dish with pepper sauce goes well with rice, I guess! (*giggle*) This one is best recommended for guys who visit Daintihill. The 'proper dish' for guys I guess.

The spicy bean curd in meat sauce with peanuts tastes good too.

Stewed chicken with clams, red peppers and spring onions tastes good also!

The signature drink is for ladies and it comes in 5 different alcohols, sorry I have no idea what are they made of...haha...I'm never an alcoholic! But the red one tastes like raspberry :P Anyone who happen to read this, do update me the name of the alcohol if you know! and I will give you something as a reward! :P (add in my comments, the 5 lucky + correct ones will receive special gifts from Hinky Pinky!)

Anyway, the drink tastes balanced, not very sweet or bitter.

The great thing about this restaurant is that all the food served is exceptionally beautiful. If you don't like the food there, I'm sure you'll love the interior design and the scenery outside the window of the restaurant where you can see the sky-high twin towers.


168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Pavilion KL, 6th Floor, Lot 6.01.05

Tel/Fax: 03-21456628

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