Friday, February 29, 2008

Marche @ The Curve

Marche, pronounced as 'Mar-shay' means market in French language. This restaurant self-describes itself as creative, colourful and innovative. It is actually established by a Swiss-based Movenpick Group.

There are 5 different types of dining rooms, namely Brasserie, Lounge, Poterie, Locanda and Swiss Auberge to meet different people's expectations. My understanding of the designs of the rooms should be cafe style, waiting area style, pottery style where all the objects are made of clay, italian interior design style and swiss inn respectively. :P Besides, there are dining areas named as children's corner, Boulevard 1 & 2 and etc acquire as many customers as possible.

The map of the restaurant!

All the food served are divided in different food stations. There are 'Bar', 'Cheese', 'Food & Beverage', 'Ice-cream', 'Grill', 'Pasta', 'Soup', 'Vegetable', 'Salad', 'Bakery' and 'Rosti' food stations! You will know what to look for in those stalls as the names of the same read it out clearly!

Further, once you enter the restaurant, each of you'll be given a passport each to purchase food in the restaurant.

The 'passport'! Do Not lose it or else you'll need to pay RM 200 as penalty!

Get your passport stamps before you take away your food. Remember not to lose the passport or else you'll need to pay RM200 as penalty as stated clearly in the passport. Haha...if I were to lose it, I guess I won't pay the said RM200 simply because it is too unreasonable! Well perhaps next you will see me arguing with the staff there or wash bowls at the back of the restaurant!! Haha...but one thing for sure I won't pay!!! Sue me then! (*evil smile*)

Now folks, follow me to check out the restaurant itself!! 'Let's go!!'

'Swiss Auberge' dining room, waitor in yellow and Children's corner dining area.

Chairs with the images of fruits!! So cutie!

The entrance to the ' Locanda' dining area.

'Bakery' food station.

'Hot Coffee & Cold Beverage' food station.

Order fruit juice here, underneath the tree and the monkey! Monkey so cute OMG!

Tour guide posing! hehe...

The below is the ONLY picture of some raw meat I took in the restaurant. We are actually not surposed to take those pics!

Lamb chop at the price of RM28.50 and chicken breast at RM 14.50.

and some pictures of the cooked food!!!

The fresh salmon in gravy.

add lemon to enhance the taste!

Mushroom soup! This is not the common campbell you can get anywhere in supermarket! This one got a strong mushroom flavour leh! Very tasty!

I ain't from campbell!

The mushrooms!! Rating: 9/10...haha...I'm baised! I always LOVE the combination of mushrooms with butter! (and spring onion)

Great one!

The turkey in gravy!

Turkey, mash potatoes and onions!

A very thin seafood pizza. Rating: 7/10.

Traditional italian seafood pizza with the ingredients of mussels and prawns.

Sausage with pancake and egg?! Some cooked dough?! No idea! I didn't order this! :P


The group of friends, eating happily! and so I say this restaurant is best for gathering and an ideal place for family day! So spacious your kids can jump like a monkey!!! jkjk :P But hey, active kids are normally smarter, aren't they?!!

They served dragon fruits juice too. You hardly find it in other restaurant!

and finally the man who settled the bills! Thanks man (Ban Peng) for your treat! Happy belated b'day again! :P Stay happy!

Pay at the cashier next to the exit before you leave!

and there gone my weekends! sob sob! click here to go to the official website of the restaurant!

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