Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Miss Malaysia/Universe 2008 Official Press Launch @ Daintihill, Pavilion

The Miss Malaysia/Universe 2008 was officially launched on the 29th January 2008 at the fashion female restaurant Daintihill @ Pavilion.

The honourable Deputy Minister of Tourism Malaysia, Y.B. Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai was invited to give a speech for the launching. Sorry, I can't remember exactly what he said :P ...Err...I guess he said something like although we were allocated limited fund to promote Malaysia, we have still done it successfully for many years. He then thanked Pageant Promotions, the organiser of the said pageant for its continuing support in promoting Malaysia.

(L-R: Sue Ann, Datin Anna, Adelaine, Dato' Donald Lim, Alice Lee and me)

Further, the chairman of Pageant Promotions, Ms. Alice Lee continued to thank the sponsors and officially announced that the Miss Malaysia/Universe 2008 contest was now opened to the public to join.

Thus, those who are interested to become the next Miss Malaysia/Universe 2008 must act fast! The application form can be downloaded from the official website at Miss Malaysia/Universe!" :P

Next thing is...

I proudly present to you our Miss Malaysia/Universe 2007 Miss Adelaine Chin Ai Nee,

Pretty Adelaine kissing herself??!! Grab it, you can't find in the newspaper! :P

who continued to deliver her speech.

Quote:"By winning the title, I've got the chance to go Mexico and got to know contestants from different countries, backgrounds..." Can't remember all :P Well, in any event, Adelaine has made a name of herself which gonna be remembered for long in the future!

Adelaine posing.

and Me!

(L-R: Sue Ann, Adeline Chin and me)

and the sponsors.

The sponsors, the national director and the Minister.

More Pic!

It's not easy to hold a successful event, check out the behind the glamorous scene photo! See, everyone was so busy!

So young ladies, give yourself an opportunity to experience something new and explore yourself more to the society. Perhaps the experience might last for a lifetime?!

Update (7th June 2008, 6pm): Check out the grand final of Miss Malaysia/Universe 2008 here!!


Adelaine Chin said...

nice post you got there, Hinky Pinky!!! *Hugz*..i Loved the Pic When I Kissed the Board!! =P

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey girl, thanks for the comments. Hmm...perhaps you can write down your speech in the comment! haha..jkjk :P