Thursday, March 06, 2008


Free entry for ladies!

For the first time, I went to one of the 10 clubs in St. James Power Station, Dragonfly, during my visit to Singapore last year.

St. James Power Station night view.

Witnessed some divas performing on the stage.


Some bands singing mandapop and cantopop, imitating HK cantopop boy group 'Grasshopper'! (*grins*)

Boy band singing cantopop.

and some weird design of the roof. Cigarettes-like roof??!

Cigarettes-like roof.

Hehe...but the biggest encounter of the night was when I saw a beautiful lady/guy in the pub and got a picture taken together with her/him (choose whichever you are comfortable with).

I have chosen mine. She's so beautiful!!

Actually I did not realise until I saw his/her friend's toes!! Gosh, his/her voice, fingers, face are PERFECT for a lady. As a matter of fact, she looks like the HK beautiful model, Michelle Saram!

Michelle Saram. unbelievable! Perhaps, they might consider not to wear open shoes!! Do you know there were tons of guys wanting to buy 'em drinks!! and that was when I realised I was unappealing. (*sob sob*)

One thing for sure I did respect the transsexuals for their courage to face the criticism in their lives and their awareness of being a female! (*salute*) and thus I wish they could also find their true loves and live happily ever after :P (*applause*)

Anyway, check out some real chicks in the night!

Hot chicks chilling out in the pub.

Flirtatious guy surrounded by females.

and me! posing!

Say cheese!

more ME!


Yes, I do always love myself! :P

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