Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hair Styles

While many others are happily celebrating the lost of Barisan National of its 2/3 parlimentary majority on 9/3/2008 after the General Election 2008, Me on the other hand, spent RM 150 went for a very short hair cut and added some highlight on it @ Inspirations Subang SS15 (opposite Watson's).

Me in long hair, yamcha with hubby and friends on 8/3/2008 (GE 2008) at night.

Don't be confused, neither did I upset over the results of the General Election 2008 or did I break up with my Romeo, all I wanted was to get rid of my damaged hair!!

My ex-hair...haha.

Frankly speaking, I didn't know the end results would be that short. Ever since I graduated from my high school (which prevented me for keeping long hair), I've been keeping straightening hair or perm hair with colours. Well, perhaps I didn't know that my dry and damaged hair was truly wrecked I needed to cut off so much!

The brand new Hinky Pinky! now I need to live on with my short hair with heavy heart, exactly the same feeling when I just cut short my hair every month when my hair grew more than half an inch longer during those days in high school. But the best thing now is I could do whatever thing I like on my hair...then I was considering about hair extensions...

Hair Extensions.

What happened was...

No. I did not do extensions.

Instead, 2 days later...when I really couldn't bear with my short hair I decided to straighten it so that it could look a few inches longer (*lol*)...and of course easier to manage...and there gone my RM 150! I seriously do not like my messy short hair!

Better? me conservative, I am just not sassy enough to add super striking colour hair extentions on my hair!

and so RM 150 is relatively cheap!! because the normal price would be RM 200 or more. PLUS I've got a free colour treatment!!!

and the hairstylist behind the masterpiece was...


She is also the professional make up artist for the Miss Malaysia Universe!

Anyway, if you want to get that cheap price, remember to contact me! Email me or leave me a sexy and fabulous comment! I'll tell ya the whereabout of her salon (*wink wink*>_<)

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lol ur hair sux