Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Live Your Life

I've been reformating my PC, updating the windows and anti-virus/firewall software into my PC recently everytime I reach home from work I've no time to blog!!

You know what! is so hard, money is so little, with the high living costs in Malaysia, our purchasing power turns lower whereas inflation rate is getting higher on the other hand! OMG and yet I have so many things to many needs (be it necessary or not) OMG!

Ironically, I am so worry about me getting old and die in a poor house! OMG...I'm so scared that one day I'm gonna die in some ugly funeral instead of a grand one decorated in white flowers everywhere and all my grandchildren dressing up beautifully praying for me to go heaven and not to miss out publicise condolences towards the death in the papers...haha (touch wood) and oh ya...of course that one person, my lifetime partner will be there despairing over the lost of me as that will be the definate greatest pain in his life because he loves me so much I'm the inspiration of his life, remember me, ONLY ME, all the mistresses, unnecessary ones, get out of my way!

Ok...I'm talking nonsense...I'm going back to work! C u guys later!!

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