Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday at Capitol Hotel, KL Convention Centre, Uncle Lim and Eden @ The Curve

Colours we used for the drawings.

Like most people, I'm always looking forward weekends and can't get enough of it! I woke up early last saturday because I intended to complete a 2-day nail art seminar which started from 10 am to 5pm each day for both Saturday and Sunday and thereafter I'll be awarded a certificate as a qualified pedicurist and medicurist.

Teacher drawing.

However, things didn't go as planned. After 3 hours of learning to draw 3 types of leaves, I found the course boring! And I called Eddie to pick me up in which he came 2 hours later. While waiting for me to come, I took an one-hour lunch break in the same hotel...

Buffet-style lunch.

and ate some food, desserts, and my favourite lychee drinks. I realised there were bunch of enthusiasts paid RM 1800 flew down all the way from outstations to KL and stayed overnight just to attend the course! Of course, unlike me they were medicurists. That was when I realised I must leave instantly it's not like I'm gonna practise drawing leaves after the course! I might as well save all the hassle, pay a medicurist, sit back and relax, ask her to get my nails done! :D

Lunch at Capitol Hotel.

After lunch I completed another hour of the course before Eddie came to pick me. So I attended a total of 4 hours course against the completed course of 12 hours. Not bad though at least I accomplished 1/3 of the course! (*giggle*)

Yu Jing and I.

We went to property fair at KL Convention Centre, bumped into some friends and took a picture of us as if my friends and I went to the property fair together! lol

Nice living room.

After we spent an hour in the KL Convention Centre, we went to a showroom where I secretly took a picture of it! haha...before we proceeded to hang out at The Curve.

Porridge and barley water.

We had our baked bread (roti bakar), porridge and barley at the price of RM 1.80, RM 7.90 and RM 2.00 (exclusive of compulsory 5% tax) respectively at Uncle Lim, The Curve during tea time.

Roti Bakar with kaya at RM 1.80.

Shopped for a while, then stopped at Eden, The Curve for dinner.

Eddie and I @ Eden, The Curve.

I arrived there at 7pm and there was only one table was relatively poor as compared to other restaurants at The Curve! Blame it on the location and the average taste of food.

No one was there!

But I do love the serene ambience of this restaurant.

The interior design is not bad too.

Modern ceiling lights.

Reserved table and children's area.

and we ordered Trinity beef.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Bernaise sauce (an emulsion of butter and egg yolk in some flavouring) at RM 28.50. Rating: 6.5/10. Too dry for me :(

New Zealand Grilled Lamb Chops with mint sauce and french fries at RM 29.50. Rating 7/10.

Oolong tea, Camomile tea and apple juice at RM 3.50, RM 5 and RM 8 respectively.

Finally four of us indulged ourselves in Adam and Eve Ice-cream at RM 19.50, which is made of Vanilla and Strawberry ice-cream served with raisin, strawberries, cherry and kiwi fruits and topped with wafer and whipped cream.

If you do not like the story of Adam and Eve, I'm sure you will like the Adam and Eve at Eden.

and that's how a city girl like me spent for my Saturday...well kinda bored even though we are surrounded by great food, cinemas, shopping malls and variety of clubs. I need a holiday at some other places!! (*sob sob*)

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