Monday, March 24, 2008

Saito Fishball Noodles @ Cheras

If you want Saito Fishball Noodles, Jin Man Noodle House is definately the place. Whenever people say Cheras Saito Fishball Noodles, they are actually refering to Jin Man Noodle House.

When I was still a student, I used to always follow adults to this coffee house for breakfast in weekends. I paid a visit here again recently and it's still as crowded as always.

Customer waiting patiently for their yummy fishball noodles.

People from everythere like Subang, PJ, etc totally opposite side of Cheras, would take their family drive (their BIG car) all the way down to Cheras just for the Saito Fishball Noodles.

Uncle chef cooking non-stop.

Thumbs up to the yummy Saito Fishball Noodles, which generates BIG income to the owner of this restaurant, making them driving big car as their customers too :P

Lady boss in pink is busy counting money!! Wualala!

Fill your hungry stomach with the fried fish cake while waiting for your noodles to come!

Fish Cake.

15 minutes later, you can then eat like a begger. The below is the small bowl of noodles.

Small one.

It comes with 5 fish balls.

Fish balls in clear soup.

The big one still comes with 5 fish balls. Of course you are at your liberty to add more fish balls, at your own costs :D

Super big bowl. (So big as if it's for dog! lol) joking joking...for hunk actually.

This is not the pork skin! but fish instead!

If you are lazy to drive down to Cheras, you can opt to drive up to Kota Kemuning as they have a new branch over there! Obviously the main branch remains intact in Cheras (next to my dad's western food restaurant :P)!

Kedai Makanan Jin Man
71, Jalan Dato Haji Harun,
Taman Taynton View,
Cheras, 56000 KL.
Tel No: 03-91327269
Opening Hours: 5am to 4pm

Branch at
17, Jalan M31/M, Kota Kemuning Sek 31,
40460 Shah Alam.
Tel No: 016-2972153
Opening Hours: 6am to 6pm

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