Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today is my day!

Actually I was very upset yesterday because my computer is not working properly I need to re-install for so many times I was very frustrated I cried!!! It is not still not working properly now but at least I can blog for a while and re-install again later!!

Okay, set aside those bad ones, you know what this evening Eddie bought me the BIO-ESSENCE 24-BIO-GOLD anti-dark circles essence unexpectedly! Actually I already decide to buy the same end of this month because I want to finish up my be skin whitening eye gel before I buy a new one although the be one is not as effective as the BIO-ESSENCE one.

The old silver one and the gold one is the surprise from Eddie! Thanks dear!!

I never ask Eddie to buy that gel for me and yet to my surprise he can read my mind le! OMG okay, fine actaully I did crab to him that the stupid BIO-ESSENCE sparkling lift eye essence I bought dried-up before I started using it! so I could only use the remaining contents of 25% of the whole I guess and yet I paid full price of about RM 65 for the crap! Of course I can always go and ask for an exchange in Sunway Pyramid although I stay super far from it. But the thing is I lost my receipts! It's not like I expect it to dried-up and go for an exchange I keep the receipts! OMG!

haha...I'm so happy I can save about 80 bucks although the normal price would be 99 bucks! Maybe if I buy at a discounted price the products would turn out to be the same like the aforesaid previous one as I bought that with a 10% discount! but this one sure guaranteed safe because Eddie didn't buy during sales! (*LOL*)

Second...I am excited because I received a complimentary Apacer 1G USB 2.0 Flash Drive this evening! Yeah!! Got it free as I participated in the Citibank Credit Card's Introduce-A-Friend Programme! Not bad lar! and the best thing is your friend too get a free one! If you are interested in that programme, click here! You might get a better gift than I just did!

The free thumb drive!

3) I was informed that I'm entitled to an annual increment! hahaha...well this is not significant because I'm changing job anyway and the pay is way much better than the increment :P but still am excited!

Now check out my newly bought lilac Her Party bedsheet and pillow case set at RM 27 and the matching lilac bolster case at RM 16 last saturday. The set didn't come with a bolster case that's why I bought seperately!

SO nice!!!

I'm flying high to the sky...please come down! :P

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