Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Always An Employee

As a student, we’re always busy with homework and we normally stress out only during exams periods whereby more of self-study can help to reduce the stress.

When we get paid for the work we do, it’s a different scenario because you need to deal with people to get your job completed. It’s about team work instead of individual work this time. In this case, you’ll probably get stress NOT only for the work you need to complete on your own, but you also learn to handle stress when the people you need to deal with is one of those not-so-friendly ones.

Some people are so lazy like for example they have the documents you need, but they will tell you they are not sure about it and they don’t handle it. However, when you somehow mention to refer to the higher management, ‘POP’ the documents are right in front of you! Cool huh! And when you go further to check with the documents you will find out all these are within the lazy people’s knowledge! Totally inconsistent of what they claim it to be!

Second, lazy people always fool the people around them, asking them to do their job on behalf of them (Sometimes they force!!)! Then again when you mention to refer to the higher management, they will stop talking about it. It’s like they see the shark loans (they have recently begged pitifully for the money they needed), they turn their back around pretend nothing has ever happened.

Thirdly, lazy people like to say ‘tomorrow’. When you pass them documents for them to follow up, they say tomorrow. I don’t understand why can’t they keep the documents with them immediately instead of saying their whole table is a total mess and tomorrow is the best idea! You know all you need to do it accept the documents, open the drawer and put it nicely inside the drawer! God knows lazy people are unorganized as well? Personally it’s acceptable to me when this scenario happens in your home sweet home and it’s totally unjustifiable when it happens during work!

Sometimes I reckon lazy people love to claim that they are unlucky. They are unlucky because their boss is absolutely biased and evil (Say others evil without realising they are one of those too!) and always give them heavier workload as compared to other people who are holding the same position as they do. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of communication between the team members. Of course then they will say it’s useless to talk to evil people as they won’t listen. But there is always a final resort. QUIT your job. Well then again maybe they are too afraid to lose their job.

Finally as most people are aware, these lazy people are seldom in the managerial level and always holding the same position and ‘unlucky’ statement again comes out! Okay give them a break, probably their working capability are limited and that’s why they are always so busy and nervous and no time to pass the files, ask you to do their job and always love to continue the follow-up tomorrow. Maybe, maybe they are unable to multi-task too?! Eh?? Can stay back what??!! Ok fine got family to take care! Oklar…different people do things differently…fine seriously fine :D

Wow…today I so great typed so many words! *applause* but this post is too dry!

Hahaha…Just to hinky pinky up my post! and Hinky Pinky ain't always an employee...because I am lazy too my dream is to stay at home do nothing and become a so-called handicap!

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