Friday, April 11, 2008

DIY Shinny Bluery Nails

Nail art is in trend!

Though part of me fancy those colourful nails but still I have never spent a cent on my nails for the flowery nails in nail salon. I normally DIY...cheaper :P Somemore flowery nail art only looks nice on longer nails. I'm simply not lady-like enough to keep my nails long. So not worth it to do it in nail salon, I guess :P

So nice, pic taken in Jusco, Bandar Sunway!

This is the only fake long nails I have in my whole life so far! During my participation in MMU 2007.

Recently when I changed my job to work in a huge shopping complex in KL city, I get obsess with the nails! So many nail salons inside the complex, about 10 or more??!! crazy! Then one day when I passed by Ianti, I bought 2 bottles of nail polish! cost at RM 7.90 each! very cheap compared to if I do it in nail salon! ok! I save money :P

I did a simple ones! See it? Must take pictures first! hehe...I love it!

Take 1.

Some more I purposely use blue for the eye make-up to match with my nails (*grins*)!

Take 2.

Can't really see the nails right?? ok~~

Take 3.

Better! can see the nails clearly!

another try! Take 4.

Lowness??!! (*guffaw*)

and my collection of nail polish~ a bit only lar!

The 3 in the middle were those I used for my DIY nails! wanna do it yourself as well??

Follow me.

Step 1: apply blue nail polish evenly, let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 2: then apply the shinny purplish pink nail polish on top of the blue ones, wait for another 10 minutes.

Step 3 (final step): apply the elianto transparent nail polish (cost only RM 5), and let it dry for 30 minutes!! the longer the better!

Believe me, it can last for 2 weeks! without defects!


The Jax Network said...

hi nai hsing!

how are you? it's jackson here. been reading your blog for quite sometime now...don't worry, i'm not the stalker that you've been mentioning. anyway, just wondering, have you ever thought of joining miss malaysia universe again? and this time around, perhaps winning the title and representing the country at miss universe.

once again, i'm not the stalker. but if you'd like some assistance on pageant matters, i could help.

anyway, have a nice day. hope to hear from you. and promise, cross my heart and hope to die, i'm not stalking you and i'm not that stalker.

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hello Jackson, ok I understand u ain't a stalker (*lol*) but joining the MMU 2008 again? don't think so. in any way, the contest is closed and I have exceeded the age limit! btw, how can you assist me on pageant matters? Anyway, thanks your offer :P