Thursday, April 03, 2008

Feeling Blue

I’m supposed to be happy in these few days because I’m on leave, I do not need to go office. In fact, I couldn’t wait more for these few days to arrive in the past one week. Apparently, things didn’t turn up the way I want them to be. I am feeling blue…for no reasons. No…there is some reasons for that.

On the first day when I could sleep a lil bit longer than the usual hour, I received a bad news in the morning and my whole day was spoilt. I know I shouldn’t upset about those small little things because I think I’ve done what a reasonable man would do in that situation and I have no regrets about it, but the thing is it just couldn’t get out of my mind!

I’m powered by emotion. I should not let those minor-league affect my mood, my enjoyment of holiday and my personal life! But shit…it has manipulated my mind! I’m a defeated player in da game!! (*anger*)

Of course on the same night, when I met up Chin Yee for dinner, I felt better and later on met up Eddie, better but not so good as compare to Chin Yee, because she supported me fully whereas Eddie asserted that it’s sad because I’m just an inferior in that case.

Second day, I woke up feeling down also (maybe I didn’t get over of what happened yesterday) I went to Elianto to buy some make-up accessories and I saw this eye-shadow with shimmer at the price of only RM 6, it was a good bargain I straight away grabbed it and paid it together with other powder puff and stuff at the counter. After I paid, I checked the receipt inside the shop in front of the counter, it stated that the eye-shadow was actually RM 12 instead of RM 6. Then I told the sales assistant, I didn’t want it as it not as cheap as I thought (I bought it because it’s cheap, if it’s MAC or Bobbi Brown, definitely I will ensure everything is in order before I pay).

The sales assistant (she’s an ugly woman with ugly face, no smile on her face at all during my shopping at the shop, like kena dumped by bf duno why maybe she’s forced to work as sale assistant or maybe she’s bored or whatever…but this is not a good customer service ok! well but I do like her eye make-up though :P), said no refund. I was like @#$%^&* but still I smiled (taking into consideration I was in a bad mood, I controlled my emotion very good already) said I never even try the product and it was stated in the price tag next to the product that it costs RM 6 instead of RM 12!!! If I were in a good mood, I’d just go but no, not this time. I know I’m ugly now but I can release my anger right? Especially I’m a consumer in this case!!

She then said the price tag was meant for another product but still I insisted to get back my money. She then asked her stupid face male supervisor to talk to me. That half-man half-woman with his dump eye make-up with eyeliner really pissed me off by saying NO, no refund.

I was like @#$%^&* again! It’s not because of the money. It’s after all only RM 6 difference. The thing is the price tag next to the eye shadow clearly stated RM 6 instead of RM 12, okay!! And the RM 12 was not facing upwards, how could I see it?!! I’m not in the height of 5 or 6 years old children ok! I don’t think their targeted buyers are of that height also! So misleading leh!

I’m damn pissed off I tell ya!! If I were a guy, maybe I’d yell! Of course ladies can’t do that ok! Hmm…NO…even if I were a guy, I wouldn’t yell also, but definitely I’d feel frustrated I was deceived by them. When I went home I opened the eye-shadow already cause nothing to do ma. Couldn’t get back my money now! Shit, I want to do research to find out if there is any law in Malaysia stating that consumer has a right to return the goods in a certain period!! Or if there is any cooling-off period!! If there is, then I will go buy some products from there again and purposely return it right after I pay!! See what they will react!! Hahaha…stupid fella!! And I’m so cunning! Sigh…but I don’t think there is any though.

But luckily the lilac eye shadow quite nice also, so I feel less angry (*smile*).

Lesson for the above, always check the goods and the price of the goods before you pay at the counter! I know, I KNOW I was not feeling alright because in normal circumstances I would just smile and leave. Second, I must also learn not to let those unnecessary persons spoil my mood. If I were not in bad mood, the half-man half woman wouldn’t even have a chance to talk to me! Or maybe I should just stay at home when I’m feeling blue.

Update (April 3, 2008 at 3pm): I called Elianto office at 92848818 and talked to Fion from Store Operation. She apologised and said she would investigate their Leisure Mall counter! Somemore she said the problem of price tag has not been placed properly has been there for quite some time! See...well, since she said she will call back or email me, I'll wait then! Hmm...I must praise her, at least she provided me a good customer service! Although I would not know whether she is cursing me on the other side or not for giving her work to do! :D)

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