Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Mysterious Guy

On April Fool's Day at 1.07am, I received this sms 'I would like to know more about you' from an anonymous person of whom I name it as the 'Mysterious Guy'. It could be male or female, but I guess it's a male and certainly a pervert!

This person always call me in the morning around 7am or at night around 8 to 11pm, hardly call me during working hours. So I guess he must be someone who is busy working during the day time! and he might be someone I've met before or given a name card before...or else how did he get my number right? Unless he stole it from our common friend??

Somemore whenever I answer the phone call, he would keep quiet on the other side! What a pervert! and he doesn't answer anonymous call! because I tried to call the Mysterious Guy a few times using another phone number and he would not asnwer!!! I did call maxis to block the number, but they said can't! So if the Mysterious Guy still calls, I'll report to the police!

I wondering whether he reads my blog or not!! If you do, better don't call me!! I'll report to the police!

Update (April 8, 2008 at 11pm):

Pervert sms me on Saturday, asking me how to make a company a better place to work with.

Got frustrated, and I somehow got this info that the pervert's phone number was registered in Seremban under a person born in the year of 1957. I forgot the chinese name of the person and I just remember the last third word was 'seng'. This person may be the pervert himself, yeah it's a male (talk about it later) or any person to whom the pervert is related. Maybe father of the pervert?

Then Eddie tried to help me by distracting his attention and sms him asking whether he would like a meet up. He answered "go to disco". What a pity pervert lacking of love in life! *loser*

Eddie replied. And he replied back!

Out of curiousity, Eddie called him using another hp number, and to my surprise the pervert answered. Eddie didn't talk to him but I did. I tried to dig as much information as possible from him and I discovered he was in construstion field. Then I guess he could be some housing developer staff I'd met once. Of course then I ended the call by saying the reception was poor...

Then he called the 'another female' at about 2am, 4am and 6am respectively but to no avail, because everyone would be sleeping at that hour. Obviously I was pleased because he was finally attracted to the 'another female'.

In the next morning, without giving up, he sms to greet the 'another female' again.

The 'another female' didn't bother to reply. cos damn annoying lo!!! Maxis somemore asked me to change number, said couldn't block the pervert's number! No way, I want to keep my number ok! inconvenient somemore!

Damn f***ing annoyingly persistent pervert idiot loser continued to sms.

Since he received no respone! Just now I got another sms from him!

Help needed! If you know what I mean!

See it??? Can someone meet him up and take a picture of him so that I can get the pervert picture posted in my blog??? I want to suuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee him!!Somemore he didn't spell Sheffield University correctly!

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