Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay @ Plaza Berjaya, Jalan Imbi

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games' torch relay run was held yesterday on 21st April 2008 in Malaysia!!

I was so glad to have witnessed one of the 80 torch bearers running along the route in front of Plaza Berjaya! was very excited actually especially when the Olympic Torch Relay was only held in Kuala Lumpur again after 44 years!!! Must say thank you to my company! If the office was not located so near to Plaza Berjaya, I would have missed the chance to see the relay! haha...opps between, I hope sneaking out of the office for 20 minutes would not get me fired! :P

People waiting impatiently to see the torch bearer carring the torch running in the street!

This was the second time in Malaysia so I guess many people were not as lucky as me to have the chance to witness the once in a lifetime event! Hahaha...but maybe they don't even bother to see it also :P

At first I though I could see Lin Yu Zhong (aka Rynn Lim) as he was one of the torch bearers. But I didn't. I used to admire him and for the first time bought his original first album CD at RM 36++ after 6 years of stopping buying the originals!!! Because I'm too poor to afford the originals :P I've shifted my interest to clothing like Carry Bradshaw. Apparently I didn't have the money like Carry would have had (*grins*). Oh yeah, don't get me wrong I'm neither the hard core fans of Lin Yee Chung. I did not buy his second and third albums though I bought the Sony Cybershot Album-T of whom Rynn is the ambassador. That's because I love to take picture of the surrondings and of course of myself! :P K...enough said...let's go back to the torch relay :P

Actually I received an email stating that Rynn Lim would pass the torch to Toto Sports Executive Director Vincent Seow and thereafter handover it to Nick Lazaridis at Plaze Berjaya! So I purposely went to see the relay, praying I would have the chance to meet Lin Yu Zhong...haha...but I heard he was already inside one of the chaperons' cars when they reached Plaza Berjaya.

This obviously didn't look anything like Nick Lazaridis (who was supposed to run in front of Plaza Berjaya). I have no idea who is he also!! haha...but was glad I was in a great spot to see him running and carrying the torch with flame!! lol Did you see his smile on the face?

More of the said torch bearer! Could't see him clearly from here! He was surrounded by policemen in the tight security!

So many followers! Olympic enthusiasts, Malaysian patriots, money earners, athletes, soldiers, etc...

Between, do let me know if you know who was the torch bearer! ok!

Police car following behind the torch bearer.

Loads of china supporters as well! Being a Malaysian-born-CHINESE, I'm proud also lar...

and this police who was driving a Nissan X-trial ?!! Nissan X-trial right?? was following closely behind the Proton Waja police car.

Then tour buses at the far end.

Check out this video!! The person who wore striking green passing by the video was me! hehe How I wish I'm one of the torch bearers! Perhaps my youngest brother could be one in the future! being a national player of table tennis! (*guffaw*)


CEO said...

your video terbalik lah....I have to twist my head to watch on ur video...lol

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hi CEO, any idea on how to rotate clockwise the video?

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