Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pork Rib with Spring Onion and Stir-Fried Chinese White Cabbage

Here is the second entry categorised under 'My Kitchen'. Chinese Cuisine this time! My all time favourite! I cooked 2 dishes yesterday!

1) Pork Rib with Spring Onion.

Looked nice? But taste...'ahem'

I cooked that. First, dump all the pork rib inside a pot and cook until it boils. Then pour the water away and put the pork rib inside a wok, then add a lil bit of rice wine, octagon spice (checked online, it is actually called Illicium Verum, aka Chinese Star Anise) 3 pieces, light soy sauce, 3 pieces of rock sugar, a lil bit of salt and spring onion. Then add water to cover the pork rib and stir. Finally cover the wok and cook for an hour.

I added oyster sauce (that was meant for the Chinese Cabbage, will be discussed later on) accidently into the dish and also dark soy sauce instead of light soy sauce, and boiled for only 15 minutes instead of 1 hour. So end results, the pork rib is very hard, very difficult to eat! but still can eat la! Lol!! Rating: 2/10, Eddie gave me a 3.5 to 4/10 and my mom gave 6/10.

Chinese White Cabbage.

2) Ingredients: Ginger, Garlic, Oyster sauce and chinese white cabbage (pak choy)

Do not follow the above ingredients because I tried it and it tastes weird! Rating: 2/10, Eddie gave 2/10 cause no taste and mom gave 5/10 and added not nice at all. I asked:''Why give 5 then?" She continued, half-half la...(*grins*)

Actaully, I think if you just add oyster sauce and light soy sauce to the vege, it would taste great! or add just ginger and garlic into the vege. Either one, not both! :D


Anonymous said...

Pork ribs need to be marinated first and steamed cook or stewed cook so that flavour is infused into pork rib. Gravy was too watery, use a bit corn flour so that the gravy stick with the pork ribs, then the ribs would taste great.

Too many gingers and the gravy was too watery, try making the gravy a bit thicker using corn flour. The ingredients were alright.


Anonymous said...

By the way, chinese white cabbage is the other vegetable. This vegetable is just called Bok Choy (something like that in English). Are you sure these are not Choy Sum, they didnt look like Bok Choy. Anyway, u have done a good job...keep on ur work...


Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey hey so nice to see you here! Those are very young bak choy! not choy sum least my mom and the hawker understand it as xiu bak choy. Hmm...I'll still ask around! As for the pork ribs...that are not supposed to be sticky...I wanna make it watery...but too bad the taste is bad...for me I have extra time, I'll cook for you! :P definately with better taste