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Cameron Highlands, a city of Strawberries, Cactus and Steamboat

Ok...It took me about 3 hours to reach Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur. I tell you one thing! I've never been to Cameron Highlands for the past 23 years despite I've been living in Malaysia since the first day I was born! father never say bring us family to Cameron Highlands, it was always Genting Highlands, Genting Highlands all the time! Apparently my dad is Uncle Lim's supporter! :P

I stayed in a friend whose name is old man's place at Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands. This old man being the tour guide of us in Cameron Highlands took us to the morning market for a walk.

First thing I saw were loads of strawberries souvenirs in red! Strawberry balloons, strawberry umbrella, strawberry pillows...almost all type of souvenirs also printed with strawberry images!

And then, walking along the street, spotted some nice flowers too.

Buy here is cheaper than KL cause the people over there produce loads of pretty flowers too.

and me, posing in the street! haha...

We continued walking to the end to buy some grocery for our steamboat dinner for that night! And then, towards the end of the street we found this stall who sells strawberries promoting their strawberries saying their strawberries are bigger and it's different from other stalls that's why their price (3 for RM 25) is slightly different (higher than other stalls)! We got cheated because the strawberries ain't nice...some more we bought like 6 for RM 50!! Luckily the stall owners let us go inside the stall to take this natural looking picture ~~or else I'm sure very heart wrenching! (*guffaw*) You know most of the stalls sell like only 2 for RM 15! or 3 for RM 20! I have no idea why we bought it also...guess because I didn't object my travel mates' suggestion!

After shopping at the morning market, we continued our journey to Cactus Point.

Took loads of photos!!

with all types of cactus as my background!

One of the biggest cactus over there!

There are red roses at Cactus Point too. I love red roses (and pretending to kiss 'em).

Next destination was Frangrance Nursery. So if you have any plants at home but lazy to take care of them, perhaps you can bring them over and the people at Fragrance Nursery will provide the service to take care of your plants and additionally add some fragrance into your plants.

Joking...Fragrance Nursery is a wholesaler for Cameron potted plants :P

This is also the place where I spotted the palm-size lemon!

Me and all the potted plants as background! This picture also reminds me of a picture I took in Keukenhof garden, somewhere near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The background was different colours of tulips! Such an amazing view!!

Hmm, actually I should compare the picture with this one above, because all the plants were in green without flowers. Ok...I should go back to the main topic although I miss my Uni life where I have the money to travel overseas and do NOT need to worry about my future!! :(

Me and some idea about the name of the flowers because I never really like flowers! haha I feel happy for like 5 minutes when receiving a bouquet of flowers, after that I feel normal. No point buying me Nice to see la... hire me a gardener to take care of my flowers if can! :P

In fact, I never really love mother nature but pretending to love mother nature just to take one nice shot of picture! (*guffaw*) I like photography lar~~

Group picture! Nice or not?? I chose the spot for the picture! Must give some credits to myself first! (*devious smile*)

And then we stopped by at some gardens where I took this picture! Nice right? I love it so much especially the backgrounds! It would be better if I can enjoy a cup of tea while gossiping with my girl friends or my loved ones!! It would be great if I can dress up in some cool garden-like dresses (instead of black and white) with a big hat while gossiping with friends who dress up the same. The whole picture would definately killing! (*laugh out real loud*) Due to time constraints we didn't do that! :( not even a cup of tea or coffee, sob sob...

Then we went to see strawberry plantation too. All green couldn't find red dots also!

Was very lucky to have spotted this red strawberry...and the yellowish green strawberries too.

After four hours of sightseeing, we went back to rest at our free lodging at Old man's place before preparing our steamboat dinner!

With so many people around to help preparing dinner, I managed to 'snake king' (take a break or sneak out :P) a while and took this photo! See, the cherry potato was so small!!! There was another one even smaller, about half the size of the one in the picture but I already put it in my mouth before I remembered to take a picture of it...sorry...It was very rare, saw only a small one in a box of about 70 pieces?! The cherry potatos is very cheap over there!! I bought 3 big boxes at the price of RM 10 only!!

When they were still in the midst of preparing the food, I took this some ready-to-eat food also!! Got my favourite crab balls also!

L-R: Kye Kye, me, Eddie and Ah Kit

Dinner time, yummy!! so happy!

Although it's so easy to find a steamboat restaurant at Cameron Highlands and you save lots of hassle in preparing the food, we still prefer to do it at home!

A group of 8. Yeah, I was wearing pyjamas because I didn't bring any at-home-wear clothes over! I only started packing one hour before I departed! Actaully at first I thought I couldn't join because I had a fever the night before (Guess I drank the 'pan zhen' herbal soup the night before, should not have drank it because the weather is extremely hot recently). Of course I recovered after that by swallowing 2 panadols, or else you wouldn't be able to read this post! hehe...

After dinner, Kye Kye and Mei Yan were vacuuming the butterflies who managed to fly in the house even with windows closing!

Because it was Saturday night, we grabbed the opportunity to go to their night market too!! Spotted the young little girl carrying the big pack of flowers as tall as her! So funny!

Saw a lot of souvenirs stalls also. Eddie bought me a huggable strawberry pillow at a bargain price of RM 13!! The Indonesian lady wanted to sell to me at RM 14 but Eddie instead RM 13 and the Indonesian lady reluctantly sold it to us at RM 13. Actually I was ok to give her RM 14, I always thought not so good to bargain like that because the starting price was RM 17, she reduced to RM 15 and I said RM 14 (She was ok) before Eddie bargained again at RM 13! Don't know lar...but I'm sure she made a profit of RM 4 because the usual price for that pillow if it's not souvenir would have been at the price of about RM 10!!

The uncle selling cactus at 8 for RM 10!! cheaper than those places I went in the afternoon who sell it at 7 for RM 10.

and I bought a strawberry flavoured tea too!

Saw a taxi in Cameron Highlands and took a picture of it because it's different from those in KL :P

Before we went home, we stopped outside a hotel in Cameron Highlands because the decorations were beautiful. I instantly feel like I were having holiday at overseas because they decorated the trees like some Christmas trees!! Love them so much!! Plus, the air in Cameron Highlands is so fresh and the weather are so cool too. Maybe next time I can come Cameron Highlands to celebrate my X'mas :P and definately must stay in this Hotel to get the maximum X'mas holiday mood!

Last picture, taken by the guard from the Hotel who also didn't allow us to take picture in front of the Hotel! :P Hmm...if next time I stay in this Hotel, I must take a picture in front of the Hotel and then after that tell the same guard :" Hahaha...I finally manage to take a picture in front of the Hotel and you have no rights to say NO this time!" (*lol*) Joking lar, later the guard thought I'm crazy! (*lol*)

Ok...basically nothing much to do in Cameron Highlands other than sightseeing and eating steamboats...But my tour guide managed to find some interesting stuff for us to do in Cameron! Tell you more in next post! It's 1.22 am and I'm working later...good night!

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