Sunday, May 25, 2008

Miss Marigold Body Beautiful 2008

I managed to catch the performance of the 14 finalists of Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 in Sungei Wang Plaza on 24/5/2008 just now. It started at 8pm though it's supposed to start at 7.30pm. So my mom, Eddie and I had plenty of time for the KFC! lol.

(L-R): Contestants No. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5

Miss Marigold Body Beautiful was proudly presented by Marigold HL Milk, so again they were distributing HL milk to the audience.

The beautiful ladies first came out in the new edition HL Strawberry Milk T-shirts and jeans!

All looking gorgeous and taking turn to introduce themselves.

Since this is Miss Body Beautiful, the girl with the most curvaceous figure shall be able to take the title home!

Check out their beautiful body in the below pictures!

Contestants No. 1 to 4, dancing in sports wear to the pleasure of the crowd.

It followed by Contestants No. 5 to 8. To my surprise, I saw a familiar face taking part in this contest too. We celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and her joining making the event more excited to me! Hehe...Click Contestant No. 7 here to see her birthday celebration!

Contestants No. 9 to 13.

Contestants No.11 to 14 in closer full-length shot! Apparently, contestnat no. 14 is the thinnest girl in the pageant! I guess her waist is less than 19 inches!!! OMG

After the sports wear, all the gorgeous changed into elegant evening wear! The above was Contestants No. 1 to 8.

Contestants No. 6 to 11. Sorry for the replication. That's the best I can take already!

Contestants No. 12 to 14. Before you decide who should bag the title of Miss Body Beautiful, check out the close-up pictures I edited using Paint!

(L-R): Contestants No. 1 to 3. I love Contestant No. 1, Miss Sarawak's face, so beautiful!! Sadly her height is one of those short ones among the contestants. Maybe if she join Miss Petite, she might win!! just like Hannah Tan, who was happened to be one of the judges of this subsidiary title.

(L-R): Contestants No. 4 to 6.

(L-R): Contestants No. 7 to 9. All about 173 cm!! I believe Miss Perak, Contestant No. 7, Sunnie will make it to the top 3!! Gambate!

(L-R): Contestants No. 10 to 12. Contestant No. 10, Miss Sabah's face is also very beautiful, I guess she stands a high chance in the top 3!

(L-R): Contestants No. 13 to 14.

and the winner of Miss Marigold Body Beautiful goes to...

Contestant No. 6! Congrats!! Nice curve huh!!!

Anyway, I wish all the girls best of luck! and also hope the girls come with a good personality too! :P Hehe, I can't wait for the grand final on 30th May 2008 to pass my 1st runner-up title to the next lucky girl! So excited now though it's 4.18am already! So tired already! goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!

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