Friday, May 23, 2008

My First Fish Spa Experience @ Doc Fish

Finally I went for a fish spa recently! wanted to go for the pioneer in fish spa in Malaysia "Kenko Reflexology" at Pavilion for so long but always no chance! and now I ended up having the fish spa with Mooi Feng in "Doc Fish" at Berjaya Times Square after my work when they were doing promotion at the booth! Not bad also though this one was not that luxurious as compared to Kenko Reflexology!

What's great was I paid RM 20 only for a total 35 minutes of fish spa!! Haha...super saver!! Actually, it was written there RM 20 for 20 minutes but the promoter cum salesman agreed to give us RM 20 for 25 minutes. It was okay to us and we went ahead but since there were no customers except the 2 of us, so we continued to do for a total of 35 minutes until we're bored and paiseh only we left! lol. I said paiseh because the promoter never chased us out! haha...

The 2 of us posing for the camera! Hmm...let's talk about my experience here first!

Before you feed your leg to the fishes, they will rinse away the dirt on your leg in order to ensure that lesser dirt is being transferred inside the water where the fishes live.

Initially I didn't dare to put my legs inside the water because once your legs enter the water all the fishes will come to your legs and starting to bite it!! It's so itcy and we both couldn't help but laugh! Hahaha...the laughing was so great, especially after one whole day of stressed-out!! The water was warm too, so as to kill the bacteria, according to the promoter.

See? All the fishes went to bite at the back of your foot.

However, after a while when you get used to it, it goes natural. The fishes were attracted to the bottom of my foot more because there is more dead skin on that part!

The above is the well known doctor fishes swimming freely without any food being served to 'em! lol

and this one when we, being the fish food, were served to them!! of course by eating only our foot is not enough! We were told by the promoter that the doctor fish is like any other normal fish and they eat normal fish food too :P

Since we were sharing the same aquarium, apparently Mooi Feng's food was not as yummy as mine because lesser fish chose to eat hers! lol

Doctor fish preferred mine because mine was more tasty!! and also more dead skin (*3 lines and a bird flying over with the sound 'quack quack quack' on your face*)!

Die die also must pose for one great picture!

Towards the end of the session, Mooi Feng then shifted to another aquarium so that the doctor fish had no choice but to eat her foot! Monopoly comes in as no competitors! :P Results: Mooi Feng got more customers then! (*guffaw*)

This is the size of the whole promotion booth, we left after the couples came. That guy behind was the promoter.

Okay, according to the promoter, fish spa not only helps to get rid of dead skin and ageing cortex, it helps to enhance blood circulation. To me, fish spa is just for fun purposes because you can always use the brush to scrub away your dead skin and needless to say it's faster and more effective!

To those who may not know, fish spa is not only for the leg and foot, you can also indulge your whole body into the fish spa, just that now they don't have it in Malaysia yet.

Update (23/05/2008, 9.30pm): Some readers informed me there is fish spa for whole body in Merchant Square @ Tropicana! Cool~ Thanks :)

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