Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ole-Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

Today I'll take you guys to the Balinese Cuisine at Ole-Ole Bali located at Sunway Pyramid, near Halo Cafe. I was invited there for dinner by the birthday girl, Hui Shan.

Check out the decor at the restaurant!

There were lots of big-head buddha paintings hangging on the walls! lol

and some sculptures too. The Interior Design is quite nice, very Bali-like. I guess Indians love to dine here because I spotted lots of Indians here!

Photo courtesy of Hui Shan.

The Menu on top of the bamboo coaster.

Photo courtesy of Hui Shan.

The decor on the dining table.

Their sky juice (plain water) has pandan flavour in it!! Love this drink! How creative! It makes me wonder whether the sky juice in Bali is the same too!

The colourful drinks! Green one was Honeydew shake at RM 8, Orange one was Papaya shake at RM 8, White one was one of the MONIN Special Mocktails, Virgin Colada which was the mixture of Pineapple juice, Milk and Coconut Monin at the cost of RM 10, and yellow one was simple orange juice. All taste great!

But if you feel thirsty, better drink Bali Lime (the one on the right), which also tastes great!!

Check out some of the dishes in the restaurant.

Soto Ayam Soup with rice cake and grilled garlic bread. This one I didn't taste dunno whether it's nice anot! Hehe...

Photo courtesy of Hui Shan.

They serve spagetti too.

The common fish and chips with watermelon, apple sesame coleslaw and tartar sauce at RM 23.

The beef and lamb BBQ combos at RM 30.

The chicken and lamb combos at RM 28. All the BBQ combos are served with apple sesame coleslaw, mashed potatoes and cone. All the side dishes taste great but the main dish taste average only. Rating: 7/10.

Grilled lamp chop at RM 25 served with fries, veges, brown gravy and a piece of watermelon. Ratings : 7/10.

'Ta-da' my food. This is the main Ole-Ole Bali delicacies, at RM 33. It comes with BBQ Wings (taste ok only, Rating: 6/10), 4 pieces of Sate Lilit (taste like otak otak, love it! Rating: 8/10), cumi-cumi goreng which is the deep-fried squids (Rating: 7.5/10, well, deep-fried food never fail to taste good to me), and 3 types of different sauces (Dried shrimp chilli Sambal Terasi, tartar sauce and Balinese sauce). The Balinese Sambal Matah (Raw Shallot and lemongrass sambal) is quite good. The dish is huge! I couldn't finish all though, so I guess most of the girls couldn't finish all also (considering myself eat relatively more than most

Nasi Campur Ole-Ole which comes in Grilled Lemongrass Prawns at RM 30 (Rating: 8/10, Don't say I biased because I love prawns), squids, fish fillets and a choice of chicken or beef rendang. Taste great overall. I would recommend the readers to order the Balinese Specialties if you visit Ole-Ole Bali because this is after all the Balinese-themed Restaurant.

If you are full, you can order light platters like Cumi-cumi goreng which comes with deep-fried squid and potatoes at RM 12! Very tasty!

Photo courtesy of Hui Shan.

Our Group Picture (some gone missing)! The girl in black was the pretty birthday girl of that night. :) Anyway, do come here to get a taste of Balinese cuisine. Hmm...there is no Babi Guling (Balinese Roast Pork) in the restaurant! If there are, it would be a perfect Balinese Restaurant in town!

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Sidney Toh said...

Great place...I just visited the place last weekend...the food is nice and generous potion...