Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Palm-size Lemon

Phew...haven't been to a trip for like ages!! Was great that I was able to go Cameron Highlands last week for holiday and to relax! Was very happy about the trip, enjoyed myself after 5 days of hectic working life, and the friends we travelled together were great, though some still loves to show off (okay la, nothing wrong to show off least u have something to show...but then again if the thing you want to show off is not so great, a bit upset isn't it??) Sorry sorry...I was always thinking about humans being complicated lately...still cannot fully accept it!! Go back to the main topic!!!

I haven't been updating my blog for like ages too, I mean a proper one...a good one which will take me more than 2 hours to create...anyway, I'm always too busy and also lazy:P here you go...I have decided to upload this picture to kick start my travel blog post to Cameron Highlands!

Huge Lemon I found in Cameron Highlands! It's about the size of my palm! I first time see it! Cool right??

ok. That's all for now...It's 1.32am and I'll be working like less than 8 hours later! To the 75% dude and 25% babe, Stay tune... ^_^

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