Sunday, June 15, 2008

If you remember reading my travel and vacation post at Phnom Penh, you'll remember me promising to post another exciting account of my Phnom Penh trip, which is the performance by the transgender.

Our room.

I watched the performances in the same 5-star Naga World Hotel that I stayed during the trip. Check out one of their performances in the video below!

Cool huh? Especially the body of the 'lady' in black in the middle is so perfect! Even most Malaysian girls don't have that beautiful body!!

One of the divas. There are another 2 in the background if you notice.

Okay, the reasons why I compare them with Malaysian girls is because they are actually Malaysians. Plus, they call themselves 'the Malaysian divas' :P and of course they are not as pretty as Treechada Marnyaporn. Treechada is stunningly beautiful she amazed me when I first saw her picture!

Dunno why I spotted so many 'akuas' recently, in Singapore, in Phnom Penh, everywhere! Maybe because the world is slowly accepting the existence of the transgender and also their spirit of becoming a real woman!

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