Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Key Ng Bargain

Key Ng boutique is on sale, up to 70%! and member like myself get additional 10% discount after sale price! Check out my best deal! Hehe...

Leather Belt (RM 69 -> RM 26.50)(necessity and comparable with those in G2000 which costs RM 99 each)

Leather Belt (RM 69 -> RM 26.55)(necessity and it's cheap)

Couple Shirt For Male (RM 139 -> RM 100.10)(Eddie wants to buy it)

Couple Shirt For Female (RM 129 -> RM 92.90)(because Eddie is buying the male version one and it's quite nice too)

Red stripe top (RM 69 -> RM 18.60) (because it's cheap)

Bareback shirt (RM 119 -> RM 32.10) (Love this most, great bargain, exclamation mark)

Working Bag For Men (RM 239 -> RM 107.55) (Not in pic because Eddie already put it in the car and ready for use :P)

Total -> RM 404.30

7 items at RM 404.30, not bad, isn't it :P


yinEver said...

wao...really good bargain loo...hmm, sale until when a? want to go hav a look..hehe

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

I duno leh, but yesterday I was in 1U, I saw they still having sale! Faster go! The one I went was in Gardens! :P