Monday, June 02, 2008

Miss Malaysia Universe 2008

Actually my blog is more like a personal blog where I wrote down my feelings, my life, my vacations and some interesting stuff that I discover so that when I'm old like the age of my grandma now, I can still surf the net to take a look back of my life journey & experience! And because of my involvement in the Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 and I somehow blog about it, my traffic then increases dramatically!! My readers also change from the 75% dude 25% babe to 25% dude 75% babe! (Now you know girls are crazy about pageant! :P)

The hot leading make-up artiste of MMU 2008, Eve and her hot mama! :P

and recently I went to the grand final of the Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 which took place at the Grand Ballroom of the Gardens Hotel & Residences.

The assistant make-up artiste who did the base of my facial make-up.

Before the event started, we did our make-up.

The colourful traditional costumes.

and I spotted the finalists' dazzling traditional costumes! I must say I prefer theirs to ours in year 2007 :P It's from Mazlan Juju!


Then we headed for a hair-do and thereafter changed into our evening gown!

At the backstage (L-R): Karen (Miss Malaysia Universe 2002) and 3 of us.

Sue Ann and I was allocated to table 20 which is in the middle of the entire ballroom and it costed RM 10, 000 for a table. That also means it costed RM 1, 000 per pax! Woohoo~ don't think I afford to pay it myself unless it's sponsored! :P

The dessert, forgot to take the pictures of other food because my attention was distracted away by the show :P

The dinner was started at 8.15pm and we were served a four-course-meal which included a starter (salad), dumpling soup, main course (chicken) and a crispy dessert!

The invitition ticket in white on the top of the souvenir magazine in black which features the 14 finalists.

Shortly after we were served the salads, the finalists finally appeared on stage in their traditional costumes which included the Malay Baju Kebaya, Chinese Cheongsam, Indian Sari, Iban costume and etc, and which also well symbolised the multi-racial country of Malaysia!

They were divided in two groups. On the left, there were odd number of finalists.

On the right, there were even number of finalists.

Constestant No. 7, Sunnie Ng in the middle, doing the catwalk.

Since photography & video-taping of the event were not allowed as the licensee, Beyond Entity Sdn Bhd has the exclusive rights of it, I didn't take much pictures at that night! :(

Only 6 out of the total 14 finalists won the entire 15 subsidiary titles, and 5 of the 6 were also the top 5 winners.

Some of the sub-titles winners (L-R: Priscilla, Wincci and Angelreena).

Well it doesn't mean that the other 8 are not beautiful enough to win the titles, maybe they were not as lucky as the rest who won it?! :p

The sub-title winners and the top 3 titleholders (L-R: Levy, Jean and Valerie).

the Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 goes to the sexy Levy Li! I must say she has a beautiful body and her smile is charming! Everyone wouldn't mind to take her as his gf, I guess! (*guffaw*)

The first runner-up was grabbed by the tallest and thinnest finalist of that night, Jean Thor. I pray that I didn't look short and fat standing beside her during the crowning! :P

The second runner-up, Valerie has the prettiest face and personally I think she is young boys' killer! During her Q&A, she answered that she wouldn't give up her title for one billion ringgit because the title is too prestige you can gain more keeping it! To me, I would give up the title if I could save the lives of Sichuan people! :P


Anyway, we all 3 past-winners also managed to take some pictures of ourselves...

Three quarter.

Yes, we all know that we are fatter! :P


Check out the 2008 winners' crowns and those on ours!

See the difference?!

Ours were real diamonds which cost more than a million each and theirs were costume jewelleries! Okay, that was because the sponsors and the organiser changes! But then again, it's pointless because the million ringgit crown doesn't belong to us! (Yes, if it belongs to me,I would give it up too if only I could save the lives of Sichuan people) :P

Anyway, it's still better to win this year because the winner, 1st and 2nd runner-ups took away the cash prizes of RM 25K, RM 15K and RM 10K respectively and the rest of the finalists could also keep RM 2K each as consolation prize! On top of that all of them have also experienced cruising in the Star Cruise ship!! How nice! Interesting huh?! Join next year :P

My self-portrait.

Me, at home, before removing my heavy make-up and washing my hair!


Ken Loh said...

Nice pictures .... I'm Ken here someone tat work behind scene :D so "action" say hi to U also no respond .... anyway nice site you have

Anonymous said...

i think u deserve to be the winner of mmu 2007.everytime i see last year winner(adeline)i will feel...omg*^*$*#^(*_)

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hello Ken, I remembered I said hi to you ok!! Maybe right after I say hi, I straight away go off, u think I'm "action"!! lol, I guess I was rushing off to some place :P Thanks for ur compliments though!

Dear Anonymous,
also thanks for ur compliments. But I guess u'll regret of saying that when u see Adelaine in real person :P

marie said...


i tot the crown belongs to pageant?nope?

then who kept them? and you dont have the crown at home with you ?:O then what you have?

sorry..i am just curious

Anonymous said...

you got to be kidding me, the girl in the centre did not just win the title?! what the heck?! what's wrong with the better ones or is it that they weren't any?!

Jeanious said...

Hello Nai Shing, i wonder why i can't keep my crown too:(sob sob my first and ever crown*faint
Thanks for crowning me that nite though,but din get the chance to talk to you!

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey Jean, you're welcome! I thought you can keep the crown! Hmm...maybe towards the end of your reign, you can ask the crown from them! lol and congrats again girl! Hope we can get a chance to talk to each other one day! :P

mazlanjuju said...

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