Sunday, June 08, 2008

My First Ever Belly Dancing Performance!

In conjunction with my dance school, Denza's 1st Anniversary celebration, all of the students, including myself, get to perform what we learn in there at Cheras Leisure Mall on 7th June 2008!!

Post for a picture when our make-up was almost done!

We, the belly dancer were very excited and some, of course with no experience on stage were frighten as well!!

Me and the little ballerinas!

Apparently none of the belly dancers are affected by the increase of the sky-high petrol price, because not only we spent a freaking 300 bucks on our costume, 10 bucks for the blue stockings which we didn't use because it doesn't match with our costume and another 8 bucks for the replacement white stockings (to wear it as our top)! and my blue bra alone was another RM 35 and some of them spent RM 300 each for theirs!! Maybe we all belly dancers are very 'rich'!! Some of them even went to do manicure which costs as high as RM 120 some more as if the audience can see our beautiful nails!! (*faint*) Ironically, dancers should do what they could to make the performance great, so...oklar...justifiable :P

Haha, I always ask myself to save, SAVE for my future, and yet I spent so much I'm upset at times :(

The Jolin Tsai wannabes, performing the modern dance!

Luckily this event was a memorable one for me!! and I was happy all day long after that!! So yeah, the money spent was worth it! What a good excuse :P

The performance by the little ballerinas.

The first dance was completed by the energetic young dancers aka the Jolin Tsai wannabes :P Then it followed by some ballet by the kids, hip hops...

The hip-hopers.

Hip Hop dance was so cool! but it was an interludial dance because the last dance is always the greatest! :P

ON stage.

*ahem* the last dance was completed by us!! hooray!!

OFF stage.

Thanks Eddie for all the wonderful photographs and video!! I must say that u, Eddie makes the event even more eventful!! Especially when you say 'how the heck would the bf allow the gf to wear just a bra top to perform on stage when there are so many ham sap lou (horny guys) staring down there, and yet I allow u to do so!' (*lol*) Thanks for the supports anyway!

Us and our belly dancing instructor cum choreographer, the sexy Mei Ling.

Luckily I remembered to take a picture of both of us!! You know I always tend to forget to take picture with the most important person :P

Eddie and I.

There must be a picture of only me, myself, especially I was my own make-up artiste cum hair stylist on the day itself for the first time.

and of course I will not miss out the best part of the post!! Special thanks to Mr. Eddie Chong for the dedication of the video. Enjoy yourself...


Anonymous said...

is the blog too bored? how come no one place comment geh?

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

I think it's boring myself sometimes...very lazy to write at times also :P and yet I will still update as long as I'm alive :P