Monday, June 23, 2008

Rak Thai -vs- Flying Chillies @ The Gardens

Thai Food is always in my favourite list and recently I again went to try out in two Thai Restaurants in Gardens.

One being Rak Thai at Lower Ground Floor. The interior design of the restaurant is very Thai-like and you can see Thai buddha statues everywhere. Part of the dining tables and benches in this restaurant is very Thai-like too because their height are lower than the normal ones.

The magnetic table frame.

But the four of us chose to sit in Table 20, which height are standard (not the lower ones) because I was wearing mini-skirt :P

Some of the drinks we ordered. Mango smooties at RM 5.90, the CARREFOUR mineral water and soya bean at RM 2.50 each! Actually if you wanna save money you can walk to CARREFOUR which is a few steps away from this restaurant to buy their mineral water at less than one buck :P

The sweet Mango sticky rice at RM 5.90 which shared among the four of us. Rating: 7/10.

Both Yin and I ordered Pineapple Fried Rice at RM 12.90 and it tasted great! But sadly, the portion is too small, I think I can finish 2 but I didn't order another one though. Personally, I think this dish is the most popular one taking into account that there are not much choice of dishes in this restaurant.

Their tom yam chicken soup at RM 7.90 looked like clear soup. It's sour and it tastes a lil spicy. Eddie felt so unsatisfactory about it whereas I was ok with it :( But I'll give a 5.5/10, maybe I don't know how to appreciate it :P

Fried Kangkung at RM 7.90. Rating: 7/10

Green curry chicken rice tastes average too, not too spicy. Rating: 7/10.

Few days later, we were in The Gardens again and maybe Eddie wasn't too happy with his experience in Rak Thai, he again suggested to try in another Thai Restaurant and this time around we went Flying Chilles and hoping that the food is also simply thailicious, like their motto.

The cashier area.

Check out their beautiful modern interior design, nothing like a thai restaurant but yet the place is simply comfortable!

Taken inside the restaurant.

Everything painted in the elegant white. Love it loads and apparently you pay double the price than those you pay in Rak Thai.

The glass is bigger than my palm!

We ordered the huge Coconut Ice-blended at RM 15 and one mineral water at RM 4 (because FYI, they don't serve sky juice aka plain water)


White rice at RM 2.50, 50 cents more expensive than those in Rak Thai.

Because it was only the two of us, so as usual we ordered 3 steam rice (1 for me, 2 for him) and 3 dishes to go with it.

The first thing we ordered was our favourite Tom Yam Soup at RM 12.50 and luckily it didn't fail to please the both of us! I wouldn't say it tastes great but at least it didn't taste below average! Rating: 7/10.

Then, we ordered the stir-friend chicken with cashew nuts at RM 16 and it tastes great. It goes well with rice :P thumbs up. Rating: 7.5/10 (0.5 more because it goes well with rice)

The last dish was stir-fried kangkung with shrimp paste at RM 14. Rating: 7/10. Forgot to take a picture of it because I was busy eating :P

Started to eat, without waiting for the Kangkung to come.

Of course, Eddie on the other hand, was busy eating too, like he was starved for ages :P

All in all, we were both full and satisfied dining in Flying Chillies and we paid about RM 70 for two persons (after 10% discount if you have HSBC credit card). At Rak Thai, we paid RM 45 for 2 but somehow we felt lack of something and I was not full :(

So which one would you guys choose to go?


yinEver said...

well...haha I sure will choose flying chillies...hmm must go try lo..actlly I'm finding a nice n cheap Thai food rest.!

Hinky Pinky is back! said... black canyon!