Monday, July 28, 2008

In the Mood of the SATC: Movie

Woohoo~watched the Sex and The City on Friday night with Eddie despite the fact that I already had an appointment to watch with the girls on Saturday!

I was all excited seriously! from the moment I was told by Joanne that the movie is in Cinemas until I finally watched it.

First time watching movie at Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre too!

This was the first time a picture of myself next to the entrance to a movie show was taken! OMG! upon my request some more! Reason?! because I wanted to keep it as a memory (*paiseh*) despite I looked awful in the picture :( Sigh what to do after a day of tiring work, don't tell me you still expect me to look sexy and fabulous like the four (*lol*)

No, no such things ok! Be reasonable! lol. And no, that wasn’t my working attire! I changed to a dress to match with the theme of the movie: Sexy and fabulous! What? I’m neither sexy nor fabulous?! It’s ok, I understand, even Carrie didn’t look sexy or fabulous after John James Preston (Mr. Big’s name finally revealed) stood her up in their wedding! (*lol*)

OMG, I’m so emotional I feel upset now (*sob sob*)

Well, of course I never blew off the plan with my girls and so I went for the same show for the second time as planned the next day (*smile*).

Taking picture with our 'idols' in the poster as if we are back in our teenage life!

We even took a picture with the big poster with the Fabulous Four (not Fantastic Four. uhm-mh), but then it was only the three of us, not four of us (from University of Sheffield) because Joanne didn’t join us.

If it were the four of us, maybe we can imagine ourselves being the Fabulous Four! (*sexy eyes blinking*) Joking ~ We’re in our young 20s and theirs 40s! How could it be possible, couldn’t it?! Plus, we are not in Manhattan! We ain't New Yorker but Kuala LumperER~ Sounds weird!!

I am still very excited now! Dunno why! Maybe it's indeed a Sexy and Fabulous show! and I know I am not staying in St. Louis, but can someone buy me a Louis Vuitton?! a SEXY AND FABULOUS one , please! :P

Thursday, July 24, 2008

OMG!! Sex and The City is Showing in the cinema!!!

OMG OMG OMG OH---My---GOD my all time favourite Sex and The City is now showing in the cinema!! OMG OMG OMG!!

~Charming smile~

Thanks Joanne for informing me that!! Muacks kisses for you lol

I love SATC, as in every bit of it, call me shallow~ I don't care!

The REAL laughters!

I LOVE its fashion I know sometimes they overdressed;
I LOVE the way the girls' walking in the street;
I LOVE the girls' laughters that are so REAL they laugh from the bottom of their heart!
I LOVE when the girls are partying in the club;
I LOVE when the girls share they s**ual fantasy (*evil smiling*);
I LOVE when Carrie contemplates on what to write in her column;
I LOVE Samantha's daring attitude and her over-confidence (*Hmm, nope not the later part*);
I LOVE the way Charlottes goes shopping with the homosexual Stanford;
I LOVE when Miranda is a professional lawyer she married the cutie pie Steve;
I LOVE when Big says absof***inglutely with his charming smile it melts Carrie's heart!
I LOVE the part when sometimes I don't even get what they mean *_*

It's fashion.

The list goes on...I dunno why!! Maybe I got poisoned! OMG!

It's simply SEXY and FABULOUS!! Do believe me!! and Tracy got 'fainted' when I said URGENT I only meant it's urgent to book the tickets to watch the Sex and The City!! *_* See you on Saturday!!

Loads of Hugs and Kisses,
Hinky Pinky

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Black Canyon @ Phuket

Oh, there is Black Canyon at Phuket!! Cool...worldwide restaurant that is famous for it's Tom Yum!'s called Caffe Nero (by Black Canyon)! I read the menu outside the restaurant and the pricing is about the same as those in Malaysia!! Unfortunely I didn't try the food there. Why? Check out my post in the future :P (*cunning laugh*)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 1 of My Phuket Trip

Phew~after working for like N years only can sponsor myself a 2-way cheap flight tickets to Phuket! lol...say until I have been working like 10 years, lol...anyway was happy that I could finally get out of Kuala Lumpur for vacations (*joyful smile*). At the same time, greedy me is planning to conquer all the cities that could be reached by Air Asia (*laugh inside my heart*), of course if only I have the money AND a travel partner who loves camwhoring :D

Eddie and I in the Airasia bus that transferred us from KL Sentral to the LCCT airport. One way at RM 9 each. FYI, of course there are other buses providing the same service at cheaper price, like RM 8. Quality is about the same but Airasia has got the brand name *_*

You know this was my first time flying with Air Asia!! So excited! lol...not like I never take economic airlines before, I used to fly with easyJet and Ryanair 3 years back while travelling in Europe. Ok, I know I'm always talking about the pass & imagine myself sleep until the glaring lights of the sun shine into my window only I reluctantly wake up (My type of rooster or alarm clock back then...haha)! So nice! and yes I know unhealthy lifestyle :( hehe...Of course there are tons of other good memories!! Now, I'm forced to wake up early to work, so kesian (pitiful), ok it's a healthy lifestyle I know and it's what a adult should be practising! *_* what about lazy adults like myself, am I exempted??! (*laugh*)

Me, camwhoring wherever I go. Oh I know I'm pretty, but can you please don't concentrate on me?! (*guffaw*) Check out the background instead. Because it's cheap and so you must expect that the airport is also crowded too.

Well, Air Asia, nothing to be proud of because Carrie Bradshaw won't take Air Asia anyway :D not like it's MAS, British Airways and certainly it's not American Airlines. Nonetheless, one thing that makes it special is because I'm the one who sponsoring myself!! Powerful isn't it?! Nope...
Well, what to do? I'm neither Amber Chia nor Kenny Sia and obviously I'm not anywhere near to Karpal Singh. So, put your hands up and give me a big hand. Thank you (*lol*)

Me, closing my eyes smiling and posing for a camera in front of the Air Asia air bus before boarding. Camera man is not other but Eddie. Never mind because I was in good mode. Perhaps we should hire a professional photographer when two of us go on trip. Of course when two of us are rich enough to hire one, and by that time you won't be seeing us taking Air Asia. Maybe we'll take MAS, then again they don't board the plane in this way, ok. So pointless. Hey, private jet maybe! lol ok I should stop dreaming. But one won't be successful without dreams ok! so justifiable :P (*tougue out*)

Taking picture inside the plane. Again please don't just focus on me, check out the background instead! :P See, it's a new plane and the seats are made of leather, joking. Don't expect leather for god sake, PVC is good enough already! especially when it's NEW!

Since food is not provided, Eddie, being still hungry after having his noodles at home, ordered a set of Nasi Lemak which comes in with a cup of green tea at RM 10 and because he didn't really feel like taking green tea, he ordered another canned Ice lemon tea at RM 5. So now you know who is spendthrift. (*lol*) hahaha...

The nasi lemak comes in 3 pieces of small chicken and some standard nasi lemak ingredients. To be frank, the portion is too small I think I myself can finish 3 sets! haha don't expect it to be delicious, you only order because you are hungry.

It took us about one and a half hours to reach Phuket. Almost reaching Phuket, take a look out the window. The view is mesmerizing! Seriously!! Other than the beautiful blue sky and cotton candy cloud, you can also spot the small green islands and the dark blue/turquoise sea!

I was totally enthralled by the view!

Not long later, we finally reached Phuket!! Yeah!! Then after checking the passport by the immigration officer, I saw lots of free maps for the tourists!! Frankly speaking I was very excited at first! I thought it would be useful during my trip and obviously I was wrong! I thought it would be useful because last time while I backpacked around Europe without a map, you'll be lost in the city. Cab is available but very expensive. The map costs around 2 Euro to 5 Euro and with the help of it you could reach many tourist attractions by foot or by public transport like a train. Here in Phuket, like other south east asia countries including Malaysia (Singapore is an exception) without a car or motorcycle, you'll be dead!

Still inside the airport, Eddie wanted to buy red wine for us to enjoy during the trip (thanks hubby for that lovely thoughts*) and he saw one at approximately 2000 Bath and asked my opinion.

I said no and asked him to take the one in year 2004 at about 700 Bath. Sure it doesn't taste as nice as the 2000 Bath one but who cares as long as it's cheaper (Maybe next time when price is not an issue we'll take the 2000 (add as many 0 behind as u like :P) Bath one! See, you know who is spendthrift now! haha...I praise myself that I'm a more prudent consumer and I know Eddie on the other hand will definately defend himself that he won't pay RM 200 for a dress! *_* (*deep breath, I WANT TO SAVE MORE*)

It's me again. To the right, you'll see the Denmark guy, guess he must be thinking why was I taking picture everywhere! lol...and to the left, a Thai guy who provided the transfer service to Phuket Town by van which both of us were taking (at 100 Bath each, not bad huh?!).

Somewhere in the Town.

Half way in our journey from airport to Phuket Town, I only came to realise that if I stay in Karon Beach, I should direct go to Karon from the airport. The Denmark guy explained to us. So well, we both paid another 150 Thai Bath each to travel from the Town to Karon! haha...I was so 'smart'! I thought there would be a lot of buses to travel to Karon from the Town.

The shape of cotton candy at Phuket is different from ours!!

Okay never mind look at the bright side, I enjoyed the sightseeing at Phuket Town!

The hotel lobby.

Finally reached our hostel, Legends Guesthouse and Bar. It costed us 800 Bath per night!

A very nice place to stay! Great location (near to Karon Beach), clean, reasonable price! :D satisfied!

It is like a 3 star hotel except that there is no carpet on the floor. There is a vanity table, small dining table, nice fan...

A fringe, wardrobe, safety box, TV and an air-con!

Bathroom is clean except that the toilet seat is a lil wear and tear. Plus, you couldn't turn the hot shower to the hottest mode or else the electricity will go off totally (Ya, I love HOT hot shower). It doesn't matter because most people wouldn't turn to the hottest mode and Eddie said I was crazy for making the electricity went off for 3 times (by turning to the hottest mode).

Karon Seafood Restaurant!

and later on it's time for dinner. Since both of us was exhausted of the travelling, we walked 30 seconds to the restaurant opposite our lodging for dinner at Karon Seafood!

Some seafood in display outside the restaurant. Heh Heh, I'm eating you guys later!! Drooling!

Check out the interior design of the restaurant!

Decent place to dine! There were a lot of tourists dining here as well!!

Everything here has been commercialised to cater for the needs of tourists!

The cover of the menu is made of wood!

So many spices also! to cater for the needs of the tourists from different corners of the world!

Coconut juice at 70 Bath, mineral water at 30 Bath. We didn't order beer although it's cheap in Phuket! Here in the restaurant I saw 3/4 pint of beer costs only 40 Bath! RM 4 only in a decent restaurant! Cool huh! Where else can you find in a restaurant at KL?!

Cunning look...heh heh...Mr. Prawn and Mr. Lobster, I'm getting ready to eat you all!! Joking, lobster is not cheap also over there, so we didn't order!

30 Bath for a plate of white rice is expensive! Blame it on the angmo tourists making the price goes up! Haha!

As usual, 3 dishes and 3 plates of rice for the 2 of us!

This plate of fried rice with crab meat tastes good! 80 Bath.

Tom Yum Kung at 120 Bath.

Our favourite Tom Yum Kung with Seafood!! Drooling now!! Delicious!! OMG!! I miss it so much now!! There are prawns, slices of mushrooms, calamari, cauliflower!! One thing I hate about blogging of the Tom Yum Kung is because it makes me feel hungry without fail!!

Coconut Milk Soup in Young Coconut Bowl with Seafood at 150 Bath. It's nice and it has the same ingredients as the Tom Yam Kung. We shouldn't order this because it doesn't go well with our Tom Yam Kung that has a taste of santan (which is made from Coconut). Too much coconut already! :P

A plate of morningglory with olyster sauce and chilli paste at 95 Bath! Nice dish!

After dinner, we walked around the neighbourhood and bought some stuff at the mini market opposite our lodging. So convenient! 1.5 litre of mineral water at 18 Bath, Tiger at 29 Bath, Heineken at 40 Bath (because it's so cheap!!), Facial wash at 57 Bath (I forgot to bring mine) and crewing gum at 10 Bath.

The massage room.

After that, we went for Thai massage behind our lodging. It costs only 200 Bath for an hour! So cheap! How I wish I can have them at KL at such a price!! so I could visit once a week to pamper myself! (*imagine myself being massaged now*)

After massage, we saw a Thai guy selling banana pancake at 30 Bath!! and so we bought one to try!! A chocolate flavour one!

Very delicous lo!! Look at him cooking the pancake! Such a professional pancake maker! I notice his face is quite leng chai also! Haha

One of his customer, an Australian even tipped him 1000 Bath (RM 100) because he was too satisfied with the pancake!! The Australian added on that 1000 Bath is nothing to him (*Eyes rolling up and down*)

After eating the delicious pancake, I took a picture of the reflection of myself in front of the mirror on the back of the wardrobe door before I went to bed!

So tata. See you guys on Day 2! Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eighteen Eighty Official Launch @ One Utama

It's my honour to have received an invitation from the brainy and yet sexy Executive Director of Eighteen Eighty (1880), Michelle to attend her opening ceremony at 1 Utama recently.

Eighteen80, next to Lewre and above Sushi Groove at 1 Utama new wing.

Am really happy for her to have owned a fashion boutique at such a young age. Of course, on the other hand, me too hope that one day I can fulfill one of my many dreams of having a retail chain store of a ladies fashion boutique! (*dreaming, as I always do, lol*)

Hairdo by Miko and Make-up by Diva Production.

Michelle was also kind enough to provide us the make-up and hairdo, to enhance our sparkle (*giggle*).

All the pageant girls posing for a picture.

Amanda on the far left was wearing 1880 elegant Satin evening gown which costs RM 1800! Fabulous isn't it?! and Michelle on the other hand was also wearing her well-fitted tailor made 1880 sexy shades of blue full-length dress! Isn't it beautiful?? Gosh, I love them all!

The dresses in 1880 can be categorised by the prices at RM 18, 80, 180 & 1800, similar to what as spells out in the name of the fashion store! If you are a fan of Cat Whiskers, Forever 21 or Full House Collection, I'm sure you will definately be a fan of Eighteen Eighty and certainly you are a stylist fashionista!! :P

Talented Lynn Lim as a host.

The launching was a successful one.

Speech by Michelle.

It not only attracted more than 70 media personnels, the same was also witnessed by Yang Berhormat Dato' Dr Ng Yen Yen, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, who could spare her precious time to attend the opening out of her busy schedule!

Speech by Dato' Dr. Ng Yen Yen.

On top of that, Linda Chung Ka-Yan, the Jade girl of Hong Kong TVB star was also invited as guest-of-honour for ribbon cutting and unveiling the curtain to declare the official launch. In fact, pretty Linda is the ambassadress of the brand.

Pretty Linda in white.

After the official launch, fashion show was presented and leaded by the Miss Malaysia World 2007 Deborah Henry.

The signature of Dato' Dr. Ng Yen Yen and Linda Chung.

Anyway, of course I didn't miss a chance to take a picture together with pretty Linda!

Linda and the girls.

and also a picture with Linda's portrait as background inside the boutique.

Well, all the best Mich, in your business venture!! :P (*Magical Lucky Charm for you*)

Michelle and her colourful tree of roses from her dad.

I'm awaiting your next branch opening o! Good luck girl :)