Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cameron Highlands Part Two

This is my continuous post of my cameron trip.

Day 2 at Cameron Highlands, my tour guide, the so called 'lou yeh' took us to see the Robinson waterfall.

of course you need to walk for a distance before you arrive to the Robinson Falls, and when I say you need to walk for a distance, you are actaully required to do some jungle walks, jungle trekking to be exact!!

Not long later, we saw this beautiful waterfall. However, according to lou yeh, the Robinson Waterfall should be more beautiful and so we continued to walk.

Before I continued, I managed to take a pic of mine. So pale right?? I know! because I was already really tired and fatigued. I felt like I was dying and yet I followed the whole gang continued the jungle trekking (*faint*)

Then later saw this father carrying a baby at his back couldn't continue because there was some tree trunks and 'small waterfall' blocking the way! How I wish I had a baby on hand at least I have an excuse to turn back!! lol. Maybe because I had this evil thought of mine and when I tried to conquer the block, I fell! Sigh and the funniest thing was the first word that came out from my mouth was 'Aiya, did I dirty my clothes?' then bruises came out later on my thigh!

Throughout the whole journey, I was the one who slowed down the speed of the whole team (*embarassed*) I was and am always the last one walking behind when it comes to all these type of exercise (jogging, outdoor walking...of course not indoor shopping, I wonder why sometimes also and the weirdest thing is while shopping I never feel tired! lol :P)

Then later looking down, we saw some agricultural field rare! and some farmers working there! This is what we call 'as you sow so you shall reap'! Haha, after walking so long, I didn't expect to see the agricultural field!! It was so unexpected especially I only see all these not more than 10 times in my whole life!

Then later saw this ang mo couple, the ang mo guy helped us to take a pic with the ang mo lady! They walked so fast they reminded me of my Uni life. I remember all the British walk damn fast to the college. At first I'm far away walking in front of them then in a blink of eyes they are far away in front of me!! (*faint*) I must admit also I am most of the time tallest among my girl friends and it's a shame to say that even the shortest girl walk faster than me! I'm talking about outdoor walking here! It was terrible during Uni time when I had to walk 25 minutes (including 10 minutes uphill) to reach my faculty! Frankly speaking I was half dead everytime I reached my faculty! (*It was great thinking back of the good old times*)

Let's continue about my jungle trekking, I never like jungle trekking since young. I think the last time I jungle trekked was when I was 12, during primary 6. My then school teacher who loves outdoor activities so much always used to take us to some forest or botanical gardens in weekends. See the picture above, I was the photographer I was too tired to walk a few steps to join them in the pictures. I was half dead ok!

It was great when they finally decided to turn back and convinced that the first waterfall was actually Robinson!! (*faint*) after walking for one and a half hours!!! OMG!! (*triple faint*)

So the whole journey took us about 3 hours! phew, fine at least I exercised for 3 hours. And so we stopped at the Robinson to chill-out!! The water was superb! It's cooling our legs felt so comfortable soaking inside!

Along our way back saw this sign second time (first time was when our journey just started), they sell Homemade Blackberry Jam! We didn't buy any of them!

The blackberry.

Instead, we stole to try out the free real blackberries outside. It was sweet and juicy (*guffaw*)

City girl 'loves' outdoor activities!

Me, pretending that I love outdoor activities! (In fact, I was glad that the journey was finally over). Don't ask me how long is 2645 meter, I have no idea. I didn't know how far I had walked except one way was one and a half hours!

The Malaysian version of Kung Fu Panda.

Then reached our apartment and that was our Panda practising the skills learnt from Master Mantis! :P

Camera time before we went back! Mr. self-timer was our photographer. They were crazy and I was normal! :P

Get ready to go home!

Eddie with the tummy of a daddy and Ban Peng, with the nostalgic hairstyle!! Ban Peng if you are reading this, it looks nerdy ok! lol...but it's fine as long as you like it! but you can't stop me to laugh out loud at you! hahaha.

Along our way home, stopped at Cameron Bharat plantations and couple doing the memorable post! Memorable because I posed very nice and Eddie on the other hand posed like a robotic kung fu master! (*giggle*)

Me and another 2 who spoilt my picture! *_*

Wow...this view is beautiful!

Ban Peng couldn't stand lou yeh's body weight, lou yeh jumped to kill, Eddie looked so evil! Ah kit trying to climb up and Ah Tuck laughing till stomachache at one side!

See my crazy friends! especially the lou yeh, so childish as if he's 17! (*faint*) Haha, in fact the whole trip was fun with lou yeh around! and not to forget the rest also!


Anonymous said...

mmmm.. when i read the part where you said the father with the baby turned back because of some fallen tree trunks... i couldnt help but notice there was one tree trunk in the picture and 'he' was wearing a greens attire :P ohh.. now i said it, i hope i wont run in to some tree trunks on court, hahahaha.


Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Steven from Peppy Square? Pls dun frighten me! :P