Monday, July 28, 2008

In the Mood of the SATC: Movie

Woohoo~watched the Sex and The City on Friday night with Eddie despite the fact that I already had an appointment to watch with the girls on Saturday!

I was all excited seriously! from the moment I was told by Joanne that the movie is in Cinemas until I finally watched it.

First time watching movie at Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre too!

This was the first time a picture of myself next to the entrance to a movie show was taken! OMG! upon my request some more! Reason?! because I wanted to keep it as a memory (*paiseh*) despite I looked awful in the picture :( Sigh what to do after a day of tiring work, don't tell me you still expect me to look sexy and fabulous like the four (*lol*)

No, no such things ok! Be reasonable! lol. And no, that wasn’t my working attire! I changed to a dress to match with the theme of the movie: Sexy and fabulous! What? I’m neither sexy nor fabulous?! It’s ok, I understand, even Carrie didn’t look sexy or fabulous after John James Preston (Mr. Big’s name finally revealed) stood her up in their wedding! (*lol*)

OMG, I’m so emotional I feel upset now (*sob sob*)

Well, of course I never blew off the plan with my girls and so I went for the same show for the second time as planned the next day (*smile*).

Taking picture with our 'idols' in the poster as if we are back in our teenage life!

We even took a picture with the big poster with the Fabulous Four (not Fantastic Four. uhm-mh), but then it was only the three of us, not four of us (from University of Sheffield) because Joanne didn’t join us.

If it were the four of us, maybe we can imagine ourselves being the Fabulous Four! (*sexy eyes blinking*) Joking ~ We’re in our young 20s and theirs 40s! How could it be possible, couldn’t it?! Plus, we are not in Manhattan! We ain't New Yorker but Kuala LumperER~ Sounds weird!!

I am still very excited now! Dunno why! Maybe it's indeed a Sexy and Fabulous show! and I know I am not staying in St. Louis, but can someone buy me a Louis Vuitton?! a SEXY AND FABULOUS one , please! :P

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