Monday, August 04, 2008

Asahi Japanese Restaurant @ Berjaya Times Square

Welcome to Asahi Japanese Restaurant (Xuu4 Re4 in mandarin) at Berjaya Times Square!

Had my dinner with Eddie here last Friday night!! It's always so quiet in the restaurant! Mainly because less people come here for meals as the price is not cheap! :P

Asahi is opposite cold storage at Lower Ground Floor, Times Square.

Check out the dining area! So empty! any other higher end restaurant, the interior design is not bad too. Interior design of Asahi is a combination of a modern restaurant and a traditional Japanese style. Bamboo door is traditional. Stylish Crystal Ceiling lights and cushion chair is modern.

They provide alcohols too. Check out the above picture, a wide range of alcohols are properly arranged in the bar area.

Eddie and I chose to sit inside the private room. There is a flat screen TV inside the room but it's not switched on. Never mind, we didn't come here to watch TV! We came here for Japanese cuisine...hehe.

Looking above the ceiling, you'll see a huge crystal chandelier light! ~not bad :P

The sauces and toothpick in a elegant blue container.

Our (complimentary) starters (not sure what was that :P), a cup of hot green tea (RM 2 each) and a glass of cold green tea nicely placed under the wooden coaster.

Our favourite Shake Sushi (Salmon Sushi) (RM 5 per piece) nicely placed on a miniature wooden bridge!(*excited*) Very fresh and delicious! Don't compare them with Sushi King, Sushi Zan Mai or Sakae Sushi, you're downgrading them! Do compare them with those provided in 4-star or 5-star hotel restaurants, say the Japaneses restaurant in Hilton Hotel PJ. Hmm...sorry couldn't name any now, not expert in Japanese food, not rich enough to explore all the fine dining restaurants in KL :( So tell you guys next time if I know :P

Another 3 pieces of Salmon Sushi but in different wooden container! So nicely decorated!!! Perhaps they purposely create like this to increase your appetite so that you will order more and they on the other hand make more $$$ (*lol*) seriously I'm very hungry now!! OMG (*drooling*)

My Tempura Udon at RM 23, tastes average only! The Udon Soup comes together with the prawns (two pieces only!! so little OMG), sweet potato and pepper which were all coated in batter to make them crispy.

Tempura Udon at Sakae Sushi!

To be frank I rather pay RM 12.90 for the Udon Tempura at Sakae Sushi though the portion is smaller. The Udon Tempura is in Plastic Bowl. Please don't expect them to provide you with the expensive wooden bowl when the price you pay in Sakae Sushi is already considered cheap :P)!

Eddie's fried chicken set with steamed egg and miso soup. Supposedly RM 25 at stated in the menu but they charged us RM 27. They count the items in the set seperately because RM 25 is meant for lunch only. Well, but you can't order seperately, they come in a set. Meaning dinner time RM 2 extra :P

The fried chicken with rice costs RM 12.

and the steamed egg at RM 8 (more mushrooms and prawns hidden underneath), miso soup at RM 7! All tastes average but with more ingredients.

This was Eddie eating like a King :P The bill was actually RM 95.40, but since Eddie has HSBC card we got 10% discount and paid only RM 87.40. FYI, if you like fine dining, HSBC card is a must to apply.

Overall, I love the ambience here (cos it's quiet) and I like it when I can easily get a private room! Not to mention the Salmon Sushi is my favourite in here!!!

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