Monday, August 11, 2008

Best Friend's Day @ Kiku Zakura

Why do I call it a best friend's day?? Haha, because my best friend, Jia Yong was back to KL last week for holidays of not more than four days and since both of us were so busy (in the weekdays) we only managed to spend one hour with each other during her stay this time!

Jia Yong came all the way to Berjaya Times Square to look for me during my lunch time of an hour! (*touched*) Both of us wanted a quiet place to catch up with each other and so we went to the Japanese Restaurant, Kiku Zakura (Juu4 Ying1) at 2nd Floor! Jia Yong insisted to treat me the lunch (*double touched*) Thanks dear! next time on me! hehe...

Let's check out the environment inside the restaurant!

Japanese style interior design, not bad!

Go up the stairs to the smoking area.

There are smoking and non-smoking areas. We chose to sit on the smoking area because I wanted to sit on the wooden floor instead of a normal bench! (*haha*) Luckily there were no one smoking during that one hour! (*delighted, imagine how both of us dislike smokers while they smoke around us, you know health issues come in ok! haha*)

This is one part of the smoking area! Cheap but nice decoration :P

I like their cup image of the typical Japanese girl in Kimono wearing white make-up!

I ordered my favourite Sushi Salmon roll (RM 8)!! Yummy!! Wanted to share with Jia Yong, but she doesn't take raw, ended up me eating all of it :P Can you spot the leaf-shaped wasabi??! Isn't it cute!!!? They are so creative le!!

Jia Yong ordered a tempura udon at RM 18. It tastes average!

At first I wanted to order the same Tempura Udon but since Jia Yong ordered it already so I decided to order another one of the cheapest Japanese noodles since it's after all Jia Yong's treat! I ordered the Soba with egg and seaweed (RM 13)! Not nice at all!! The soup is too salty for me because of the seaweed that added the extra salty seaweed flavour in the soup!! Rating: 4/10.

FYI, Soba is a type of thin Japanese noodle if you don't know! Well, I think I still prefer Udon, hehe!

Picture time!! (*Camera Flashing*) and Jia Yong on the other hand complaining the youngsters (including me) taking pictures all that time!! She thinks it's insane!! Haha!! That's the conflict between 2 best friends' point of views! I think it's fun to take pictures wherever I want and she thinks it's only fit to take pictures during memorable times (like now when both of us haven't seen each other for like ages).

We exchanged pressies and souvenirs! See the picture above? I was wearing one of the two pairs of earrings Jia Yong bought for me!! (I don't wear earrings for work, I'm not that hardworking to put on earrings in the morning! lol) Jia Yong, if you read this!! Remember to take a picture of your new bedsheet and send it to me to post it here!! I wanna see how beautiful is it like you said! haha

While paying at the cashier, saw this pretty mini feng shui waterfall with REAL fish swimming in the water and FAKE tortoise watching on the other side!! I'm wondering what type of feng shui is this or could it be just a piece of decorative item, an ornament?


Jeanious said...

hey dearie, i realise you and Sunny have one thing in common, that both of you are big fan of Jap Food!!

m.yin said...

ya..u like japanese food really?..hehe then u can make sushi for eddie during valentine day~ just like the scene in 'SATC' hahahaa~

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Jeanious: hehe...yeah quite like Jap food :P

Yin: Hey my dear I'm not anywhere close to Samantha ok! lol