Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Prawn Spagetti @ Nai Hsing's Kitchen

After reading my friend's post of cooking of the Prawn Pasta at Foodelicious , I suddenly feel the urge to cook for Eddie! It's been more than four months since I last cooked for him!

I planned to cook my own Prawn Spagetti a week ago and bought some stuff for the preperation. As usual, I visited Jusco!!

Bought Spagetti at RM 3.99 each, crabstick at RM 2.99 per package of 16, a pack of Parmesan cheese (Grozette) at RM 4.20, olive oil at RM 18.40 and etc. I'm hoping that I'll make full use of all the ingredients I've bought and pray that I won't use for just ONE time (*faint*) wasteful I know. What to do? I'm not a housewife!! and my mom doesn't know to cook (and also doesn't cook) with the ingredients I bought most of the time!!

I took less than 30 minutes to cook my Prawn Spagetti! Oops, with the help of my mom! haha...

Check out my steps of cooking as below:

1) Pre-heat the wok and add some olive oil
2) Add in chopped garlic
3) Add in the prawns, and follow by chopped crapsticks
4) Mix the pre-cooked spagetti into the wok
5) Add some parsley to taste
6) Add salt and pepper

That's it!! Finish!! Simple isn't it?!! Check out the end results!!

Can't see the parsley right!! because I cooked wrongly!

Eddie said it didn't look nice :( and it didn't taste good also!! He rated 3/10!! OMG never mind, he also rated his fried chicken set taken in Asahi at 3 to 4 out of 10!! so I guess it's ok!! Wuahaha!! Of course the price, the environment and all are taken into account!

I know I used the wrong size of prawns (obviously after everything was done and cooked)!! So, next time must buy BIG ones, those costs about RM 1 per piece type of BIG prawns ok!

Well, before you eat, remember to sprinkle some parmesan cheese (as instructed in Foodelicious) and lemon on top of the prawns!

OMG, Foodelicious one looked damn delicious lar, incomparable to mine! It's like two unlike qualities putting together!! OMG I'm so sad I'm so gonna cry!! sob sob~ joking :P

Okay, I rate myself 4 out of 10 (at first was 5/10, but after seeing Foodelicious one, downgrade mine by a level :( sigh) Mine tasted like a chinese-cooked type of spagetti! I want Italian Spagetti!! (*shout out loud*) We'll see :P


alice said...

im using the same olive oil too...hehe

m.yin said...

haha...I cook vege spagetti for you wei b4~ next time will add some 'flesh' for him... HH, but I think he dun like prawn~ lol