Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 2 of My Phuket Trip

This is the continuous post of my Day 1 Phuket Trip!

Had our breakkie at one of the restaurant in the Karon Beach Hotel, which was nearby our place!

A not-so-garden-liking person like me also loves the garden landscape so much!!

This was the restaurant Vitaporn's menu!

Eddie ordered American breakfast set (120 Bath).

I ordered English Breakfast set (150 Bath)!

Eddie's main course!

My main course!!! haha...I had MORE than him! happy! Love the breakfast! Love the scramble egg where I used to have it every morning during my stay in Halifax Hall of Residence (although I skipped my breakfast most of the time cos could not wake up so!!

Well, if you want big portion, remember to order English breakfast instead of the American Breakfast! Even though the Americans are normally bigger size than the English! :P

Both set coma with 2 pieces of fruit too! Watermelon in heart shape some more! So cute! Both of us hope that our breakkie for everyday would be as healty as what we were having that time! You know instead of Nasi Lemak everyday, we can have English breakfast in alternate days! (*Yeah!! Victory Gesture :P*)

Apparently we were the only first 2 customers in the restaurant! Not to say we are morning persons, we are never ones. We woke up early because we wanted to make full use of every single seconds during our holiday of two!

After breakfast, we went opposite the restaurant to the Karon Beach to check out the place. I even made a jump-up before I left.

Camwhoring before we went off!

We then walked back to our place, and rented a motorcycle at the price of 150 Bath for the whole day in order for us to drive to places which were not in the walking distance! Haha, this was my 3rd time riding a motorcycle!! My 1st time was way back in year 2007 during Chinese New Year in Eddie's Hometown, 2nd time was during Chinese New Year in year 2008 in Eddie's Hometown.

So I guess the 4th time will be in the same place same period in year 2009, if everything goes right :P

This is what I call die-die also must take picture! Picture taken while we were on the move! (*Cool*)

Finally reached Patong Beach after 15 minutes! Patong Beach is indeed a tourist spot!! It was so crowded even though July was only a low season! Karon Beach is the second famous beach in Phuket!

To me the comparison of the number of tourists between Patong and Karon is indicated as below:-

Patong -vs- Karon: 50 -vs- 1

If you want a peace of mind, take Karon!

The life jacket was super dirty!! :(

Eddie then paid 3000 Bath for us to ride the Jetski for an hour!! It was my first time riding a Jetski! Very excited although the price we paid was so unreasonable!! Blame it on the rich non-Asian tourists who bring up the price of everything! *_* and yet we went to support their unreasonable pricing!

Eddie said since I never ride before, so the price he paid was value for money! (**)

Eddie and a quarter of myself! Oops...forgot to zoom out the focus of the camera! My life jacket was so dirty!! I guess next time I should bring my own there! At least it won't spoil my beautiful picture :P Sorry I don't even have one, say for fun only! Hehe...

Ta-da, Me in the middle of the sea with Eddie sitting behind!!

Eddie in the Jetski, posing for a picture in the middle of the sea! Obviously it was my suggestion :P

Me, stopped Jetskiiing and posed in the middle of the sea :P

We took turns to be the Jetski driver! It ran smooth when we followed the waves, but ran unsteadily when we went against the waves!

While it was a great enjoying the sea-breeze, I encountered something not-so-great! Eddie spat in the sea!! and yet it didn't go in the sea but on my face!! as I were sitting behind him :( The spit followed the wind and blew to my face!

It is same as while you are driving a car on a certain speed and you then throw the tissue outside the window of the car, the tissue will follow the wind and blow away behind you! Get it?!

What da not-so-great experience! (*yucks*) or should I say I was lucky because it didn't contain phlegm? (*lol*) It happened only just a second in contrast to our one-hour Jetskiing experience, so overall it was still great!! Actually I should say the spitting part added fun to the whole experience! (*lol*)

The Thai vendor was the photographer!! He offered himself to take a picture for us because he wanted us to keep the memory!! or perhaps he knew he charged too expensive and that was the added service for us :P

Me, jumped up from the sea to the sky! Jumped, for the sake of phototaking :P

Eddie and the Thai vendor!

Me and the Thai vendor! I should wear my big shades to cover my paleness!

More me at the Patong Beach!!

Rested at the beach chair for 1 minute before the operator came to collect money from me! (*lol*)

Took away McD nearby Patong Beach! Check out the above picture! Their drinks are in plastic cups instead of paper cups.

The toy in Happy Meal set was Detective Conan, the comic of which I used to love when I was a teenager! It made me wonder why there were no Detective Conan in our Happy Meal in Malaysia? Not that I want to buy, I say for fun purposes only! (*making sound kakaka*)

and so when I thought I'd now got my McD I could take home for our enjoyment, I'd never thought that police would stop us and gave us summons while on our way home in our temporary motorcycle!!!

Ruined my day man! My ice cube in the McD coke also melted already!!

Actually, to be frank, the fact was I was still very excited about it because I felt great all day long :P

The Police Station.

We were summoned because Eddie as the driver did not wear helmet regardless of whether the passenger behind, like me was wearing helmet or not! *_*

and the FUNNIEST part was Eddie just passed the helmet to me (because he cared about my safety more *yeah*) not more than 5 seconds before we were summoned! How ridiculous!

Me, in front of the police station where I paid the fine of 300 Bath for my Summons. Losing money had never been so much fun before in my entire life!

The 'receipt' in Thai language.

After you have paid the fine, they will give you a receipt or whatever it is called in a piece of paper in Thai language which I do not understand.

All you need to do is keep the 'receipt' with you and continue to 'commit the offence' within the 24 hours from the time of you receiving the 'receipt' without having to worry of getting another Summons for similar offence!

The Thai lady and I.

That was what the Police and the Thai lady who sent me to the Police Station to pay the summons we'd received from the same police for the same type of summons, told me.

On the other hand, Eddie and the Thai lady's darling (which the darling told Eddie that they only knew each other a day before) were waiting for us to pay off the fine in the place where we received the Summons. They were required to stay with the Police who gave us Summons before the Thai lady and I rescued them with the 'receipt'. (*lol*)

Ta-da, it's time for relaxation!!!

and I pretend to love the sun!! To be frank, I'm so afraid of Mr. Sun I rather wear long pants and long sleeves shirt to cover my whole body instead of wearing a bikini. You know! Not like I'm not dark enough! People who don't know me always think I'm a Malay, Chindian, Thai, Philipino, Italian, everything that is associated with dark skin, but pure Chinese (*faint*)

I'm gonna post as much picture as I can because I look great in da pictures!! Love my bright sunshine towel too!! Orange for me, Blue for Eddie! So nice!! Purposely bought for this trip one ok!

~Cool~ Thanks Eddie for the pic!! Love it so muchy!

Eddie, tiding his pants :P

Me again, rebuilding our 'residing' place after the water from the big ocean rose up to the shore and wet our sun towels! *_*

More me in close-up!

The fact that Eddie loves mother nature is undeniable!!

This was the real enjoyment of the sea, the sun, the sand and the beautiful beach. I think I could take the whole hostel room for myself and leave Eddie behind sleeping on the sand! *_*

I rather sleep on my lovely towels although they were wet already! haha

Next activity: watching the Simon Caberat Show, aka the reputable 'akua' (transgender) show!

We headed to pump petrol first! The petrol station was small and cute!

~Ahem~ Don't misunderstood! Don't categorise Thailand as one of those jungle-like countries ok! Only those near the beaches were like the picture above. Those near the Phuket town were like those you could see everywhere in KL!

and then went to pump gas in a shop too since there were no gas in the petrol station!

Our tickets to Simon Cabaret and the mineral water in the basket!

Since I haven't showed you guys of our pink temporary vehicle! Here you go, the front view!

The back view! Motorcycle plate number was 284. Motorcycle plate alphabate was n+some words in Thai which I had no idea what did it mean!

We could speed up to maximum 40km per hour only! How sad :(

Finally reached Simon Cabaret with our pink vehicle which was located between Karon Beach and Patong Beach! The place was full of tourists from everywhere of the world!!

We paid appoximately RM 60 per person, and we were seated third row from the stage! Apparently ours were the VIP seats but the authorised lady travel agent of whom we booked the tickets from never told us that!! Maybe she was mad at us for bargaining the price for the rental of our pink motorcycle!! (*lol*) Joking, she's very kind and friendly! She's just doing the right thing to earn a better living like everyone does (>_<)

Since photography was not allowed during the show as indicated by me as the above picture! I apologised for not being able to pose some great pictures of the show to you guys!! So regrettable you guys might as well go to Phuket and watch the show yourself (*evil laughing out loud*)

another option is hopefully see more pictures of me and Eddie would make you guys happier! HaHaHaHa! Joking!

There were actually more than 10 performances in the show and it lasted for one and a half hours! You wouldn't have the chance to get bored during the whole show! I must say the performances were fantastic!

There were different themes for each performance such as they used Egypt Giza as background, akua as the ancient China Emperess and at the same time singing Cantonese song (*faint*), three akuas as some 70s big time America black divas (singers) with a long standing small microphone on the top for each of them to sing the hit pop/rock songs and dance, akua as Geisha doing funny movements like letting his tougue out and in for about 5 times in a second just to tease the audience, akua as beauty queen, fat akuas as comedians and etc.

Luckily we were given some time, no, a lot of time actually, to take picture with the akuas after the show! and of course at a fixed charge of 40 Baths per photo!! What the gold diggers!!

Well, understandable! Because without the money, they couldn't afford to do the expensive breast implants! I saw some akuas without the fake hard-looking boobs!! Guess they couldn't afford to do it! (*So pitiful*)

I must say that I always salute the akuas because of their determination and courage to be someone they want without fear!

Akuas are so proud of their breasts and they try to wear as little as possible :P just to show off their breasts!

This was one of the most beautiful akuas I took picture with! Apparently, she was also one of those few that collected the most money from us! Some akuas who were less prettier had got no business!! Cos no one wanna take pictures with them!! Haha...that's reality! Everyone loves pretty girls including akuas at their first sight!

At first, I wanted to pay her 20 Bath and save another 20 Bath for another akua. Never thought that when I paid her 20, she turned behind and pointed at the sign saying that the price should be 40!! So end of the day I'd only taken picture with one akua wearing the beautiful pink gown and a crown because I didn't have any more small change!

I love some of their gowns a lot!!

They were soliciting business in their not-so-man-not-so-woman voice, exactly like those hawkers you see in our Pasar Malam (night market).

Something like this "Mari, Mari, 3 for RM 10, 3 for RM 10!! Very cheap, very cheap!"

The above was the funny Geisha! who isolated 'herself' from the gang!! Maybe because 'she' was trying to be funny or 'she' was not ladylike enough to mix with the gang (*tougue out*)

Hehe, Eddie and I posing on the bench with the Simon Cabaret big sign behind!

After the show, we had our late dinner at Papaya restaurant near our place. It was recommended by the same Thai lady travel agent! It was indeed a nice restaurant with good food (*thumbs up*)

We were seated beside the man made pond with a few big vases in the middle.

Above the vases were some beautiful flowers on the tree. Don't know what was it called. To me, it looked like those flowers where people love to use to tuck them on their hair for decoration.

The cashier area and the toilet that didn't look like a toilet (if you can find! Hint: on your right)

The serviette and the spices on our table setting.

Me, acting cute! (*Cawaii*lol*)

More me with Eddie's fav drinks.

Eddie's orange juice with the decorative flower!! So nice! haha. Hmm...maybe they pluck it from the tree??!! (*Suspicious*)

Rice that must not be missed out!!

Green Curry Chicken. Tasted ok!!

Our favourite Tom Yam Gung, tasted heavenly!! Rating: 9/10 I could be biased though!

Tofu and Vegetabels! We spent a total of 530 Bath for the meal!! Not bad!

The blurry couple picture! The friendly waitor was a BAD photographer. This was the BEST out of so many that he'd taken for us! OMG!

All in all, the food was great! The place was wonderful! We were so full we couldn't even move!

After some walking and hopefully it would fasten our digestion, we went for foot massage because we were too full for a body massage! :( It costed us 200 Bath each!

Exhausted me!

A happy customer like Eddie.

A satisfied customer like me after the whole session that lasted for an hour, taking photos outside the massage centre before I went back to sleep! See you again :P


jennifer said...

did eddie need an international motor license to rent? what was the saman for?

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

u need an international motor license to drive over there. but to rent, you don't need to show your international motor license :) The summons in this blog post was becoz of not wearing helmet while driving.

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